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  • Yellow Personality Test

    My opinion on this activity is that I loved it. I have been looking forward to it for many weeks once you mentioned it at the beginning of the semester that we were going to get to do a personality test. I also thought that I was cool to see how everyone else scored, especially to see if anyone would have the same color as me. This was the first personality test that I have ever taken, I thought that it was quite cool to see that I was a yellow/white. I’ve also printed out the same test for my Grandmother to see how she would score as well. Overall I definitely think this is a in sight as to who we are as…

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  • Hartman Color Test Essay

    There are a range of colors like there are a range of personalities. Today, there are a lot of color tests you can take and the best test you can take is the Hartman Color Test. The test helps people understand what type of personality they are. The test will score a person either red, blue, yellow, or white. My first personality color is blue, and the secondary color type is white. I was given the personality trait of the color blue, because I always think my heart. My secondary color is the…

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  • Classroom Identification Report

    the students were introduced to 6 colors: red, blue, yellow, orange, green and purple. Prior to entering the classroom, the students must be able to identify all 6 colors. For example, if I hold up a picture of a banana the students can identify the color of the fruit to be yellow. The central focus of this lesson is to have students be able to identify colors in not only English but in two other languages, Spanish and French. They will use…

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  • Letter To Miley Cyrus's Song 'Wrecking Ball'

    Thank goodness you are here officer Ramponi. I was robbed while I was in my backyard karaoking and choreographing to Miley Cyrus’s song, “Wrecking Ball”. I was in the middle of the song about to jump on the wrecking ball when I saw a man holding one of my favorite art pieces. I tried running after him, but I tripped on the hammer I was using for the video and he got away. I am going to file a robbery report and I am going to describe to you my art piece because I am going to need it back as soon…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Rain's Rustle By Leonid Afremov

    are puddles on the side walk. The puddles on the sidewalk reflect the light from the light posts and the colors from the hovering trees. The colors in the trees range from bright yellows to deep reds. In the painting, the sky behind the trees involves mostly cool blues and greens. In Rain’s Rustle, Afremov uses light and color to create a warm autumn feeling for the viewer. The painting is made up of large impasto dots that have visual texture. There is contrast created between the different…

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  • Elements And Principles Of Art In The Self-Portrait By Janet Mcclintock

    There is even balanced with both sides on color, lines and shapes. The focal point of the turtle and egg are directly centered in the painting. So, if the paint was spilt down in the middle both sides will have half of the focal point. The elements and principles used make the painting unified. Everything that was painted makes sense and placed proportionally. The arteries and veins are proportionally placed around the egg to supply nutrients and growth. The egg is placed over the…

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  • Color Psychology: The Psychological Effects Of Color

    Color is the appearance of things as a result of reflecting light. Colors are all around us. Color plays a very significant role in our lives and it has the capability to influence our feelings, our actions, and emotions in many aspects. Colors can irritate your eyes, raise your blood pressure or repress your appetite. Many people consider colors as powers, and that colored stones are very influential. 1, 2 In color psychology, the colors we choose to show the world are direct…

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  • Jackson Pollock Cathedral Analysis

    three-dimensional objects to be modeled. The painting is simply one dimensional, lacking three-dimensionality that is used to discuss volume in a painting. There are no subjects, or objects that can cast shadows to help present their roundedness or three-dimensionality. When it comes to balance Cathedral is very asymmetrical (lacking symmetry) because, it does not have the same contents mirrored on both sides. However, in terms of weight symmetry it appears to be balanced since the value and…

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  • Dona Josefa Analysis

    lines in the painting. For example, the table to the book, the pot to the table, and the plate to the peaches are contour lines. We also have some curve lines, which are the peaches and the plate. There are two different types of shapes in Dona Josefa. The two different shapes are geometric and organic. For geometric we have the book and the pages of the book. All these create an implied rectangle. Also the table creates a long implied rectangle and the peaches and plate create an implied circle…

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  • Jackson Pollock White Light Painting Analysis

    the first thing I notice is that there’s more white/gray color over the other colors. I believe that Pollock is using tertiary colors first because I notice that there’s indeed some primary and secondary colors, but he mix them all at the end, making those tertiary colors. Also the reason that the painting looks kind of grayish is that whenever hues that are opposite of each other when mix together, they make a complementary color, which produces gray. If the gray color is lighter than dark,…

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