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  • The Handmaid's Tale: A Narrative Fiction

    " Annette finally looked at him and said, "Only the best, I just hate I have to leave my pants and outting clothes behind." Leonard rubbed the back of his head looking around thinking, "Where is your room, will we be spotted if we go that way?" Annette looked at him walking over to a wall moving a brick as a secret passage opened dimly lighting the room with the candles hanging on the wall. Leonard walked over to the hidden passage, Annette walked inside as Leonard followed, Annette grabbed a lantern as the large door silently closed. The two of them walked and Leonard said, "Where does this lead to, a vault of diamonds or gold and silver?" Annette smiled looking at him, "They are mine, I can 't leave without some cash, I am only taking my prettiest of diamonds and probably some of my gold." Leonard sighed shaking his head, "Women, I 'll never understand you." Annette stated, " Men, I don 't see why you hate diamonds." Leonard stopped as Annette looked at him stopping also, "What 's wrong? The blond asked once more. "The door to the vault, it covers the wall." Annette looked around and said, "We are actually inside the vault what you 're looking at is my secret things, known only to my mother and me. Leonard watched as she flipped a switch as a light surrounded them, once the light came on diamonds covered the walls of the large space in front of them. Annette hung the lantern on the wall walking to the area she said, "Come on, the good stuff is in here." Leonard…

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  • Shut In Film Analysis

    Anna turns out to have more problems than just agoraphobia. She sits in a room and watches and listens in on them. As the scenes in the dark damp looking basement progress, she separates them and winds up murdering another thief named Vance because he became curious. At the end, we see a clearer picture of what the full story is with Anna. Her father used to capture Jedi flies and kill them in secret rooms in their home. Ann and her brother had helped her father and now she was turning the…

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  • Characterization, Courage, And Consequences In A & P By John Updike

    In the story, “A&P”, John Updike introduces a young boy, Sammy, who is employed in an A&P grocery and finds his awareness towards maturity, which leads to consequences. The author illustrates this through the use of detailed characterization, bravery, and consequences brought from one’s actions. The passage starts off with Sammy working when he sees three girls wearing nothing but bathing suits and labels each one individually. Later on, the girls walk up to Sammy to check out when Lengel, the…

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  • A Doll's House Passage Analysis

    This passage is found at the end of the play and shows an intense conversation between Nora and Torvald, in which Nora finally finds the courage to tell her husband that she will be leaving him and the children to go back to her home town. There is a distinct change in Gender roles in this passage, compared to the previous parts of the play, as Nora takes on the dominant role which in the nineteenth century would usually belong to a male. There are rapid switches in mood and tone throughout the…

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  • Walk In The Fall And The First Snow Analysis

    Carmen is in second-grade student, she is currently having challenges reading and is performing at a kindergarten reading level. When starting the assessment with Carmen, based on previous assessments, I knew her reading level was below second-grade reading level. Her reading over assessment has seen improvement and she is able to apply skills she has learned. Carmen was able to read Walk in the Fall and The First Snow. She demonstrated improvement in her reading based on the reading techniques…

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  • Tao Te Ching Passage 2 Analysis

    was an enjoyable, quick read, and something that I was able to take a lot from because the passages contained practical writings of wisdom for the modern day person. Because the passages varied topics, the following paper will be written with the same notion. The first stanza of passage 2, to me, explained that each persons’ view point is different (“…people see some things a beautiful, other things become ugly…”); however, each view point creates, supports, defines, depends, and follows each…

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  • On Being Seventeen Bright And Unable To Read Essay

    The passage, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings,” by Maya Angelou, has shown that passion can influence people's lives greatly. In the story it states, “she began the first of what we later called ‘my lessons in living’ … ‘Take this book of poems and memorize one for me. Next time you pay me a visit, I want you to recite it’ … I didn’t question why Mrs.Flowers had singled me out for attention” (Angelou 58-59). From those multiple statements it shows that Marguerite had some sort of liking for Mrs.…

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  • Dungeon's Valley Research Paper

    with a robe made up of delicate but solid satin sheet, probably another gift from the Sultan. The King wore the robe, and all of the sudden, he went from a vulgar naked chubby man to a majestic charismatic King. He clapped his hands to order his female guests out of the baths. When Lord Heines asked an audience, or appeared in the castle it meant that something serious needed to be discussed. Heines was his right hand, advisor and confident and he was also his cousin’s father in law. Both men…

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  • Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Stereotypes

    self-esteem displayed to judge that person and build an idea of who they are. The idea may be inaccurate; however, if that person is not afforded the opportunity to interact with the portrayer so that they may discover their true personality, one’s true identity may be perceived as the depicted image. For example, due to her double personality, Connie may wear the same outfit in two different locations; however, the presentation of the outfit may vary depending on the environment and who…

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  • Independence In A Doll's House Essay

    her growth. Accordingly, the independence of Nora acts as a catalyst to the destruction of her relationship with Torvald. One of the main issue in this play is the exchange of criticism caused by Torvald’s misconception about the truth regarding the incident of forging a name. This criticism is not only seen as condescending in nature, but more importantly, it is a way to break Nora’s supposed obedience toward Torvald. As shown in the following passage: “Almost everyone who has gone to the…

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