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  • The Importance Of Security Planning For Security

    Introduction In order for you to plan for security. You must first conduct a full risk assessment. The whole point of security planning is to develop some security polices so that you can implement some controls that will help to prevent the risks to your systems from becoming a reality. This paper will discuss some cybersecurity strategies and other various frameworks. It will also analyze the change control process and identification needed for security for the specific business fields. Process to identify security needs and how it effects the foundation of the policy How can you possibly protect your IT infrastructure if you have no idea what you are protecting it against? That’s why it is important to identify the security needs and/or vulnerabilities thoroughly with a basic risk assessment. So a risk assessment is the process that should be completed first and it will help to identify the security needs. During this process you will be faced with some basic questions that will help to identify your security needs. These questions include the following as a start: 1. What are the assets that are within the organization that are in the need of protecting? 2. What are the risks that are associated with each…

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  • Airport Security

    CASE 1 – MAKING AIRPORTS MORE SECURE a) Based on the above scenario, it stated that the Department of Homeland Security has created a complex system of checks where the passengers are now required to show a valid photo ID and boarding pass in order to proceed to the terminal. When it comes to airport security, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a passenger screening. However, this system (system of checks) is not refined enough and has several identified problems such as an innocent…

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  • The Security Policy

    This introduces the security policy, briefly summing up the need of the security policy and the areas it covers. # This section covers who the policy applies too, in this case it is all staff and selected college partners that have access to College information. It also covers the sources of which this policy covers, which are Electronic and Physical sources. Electronic covers; e-mail, Word documents, audio recording, student record information, financial information, etc. Physical covers;…

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  • System Security

    System security comprises of the procurements and approaches embraced by a system overseer to counteract and screen unapproved access, abuse, alteration, or refusal of a PC system and system available assets. To comprehend what is system security, it serves to comprehend that no single arrangement shields you from a mixture of dangers. You require various layers of security. On the off chance that one comes up short, despite everything others stand. System security is proficient through…

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  • Mobile Application Security: Security And Complications Of Mobile Security

    users despite generally being seen as less secure platform their desktop counterparts. For this growing group of users, mobile application security is a big concern. It was found that 82% of consumers would change applications if an alternative app was more secure (Arxan Technologies 2016). This is particularly important as there are major vulnerabilities in popular applications that could potentially shift large user bases. In 2014 it was discovered that a majority of popular applications,…

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  • Security Countermeasures

    the power systems. Several security protocol methods are required to combat the imminent threats that loom. Encryption mechanisms afford further security to communication channels making access difficult. Limited access within the infrastructure staff will reduce system compromise liability besides forcing password renewal on rotating frequencies. Technological advances in the biometrics field incorporated into the security access protocol will undoubtedly offer robust system…

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  • Cyber-Security: The Concept Of Cyber Security

    Cyber Security: The Concept Protecting ICT systems alongside their content is popularly known as cyber security. Without a doubt, the concept is both broad and fuzzy. Although useful, the term lacks a precise definition since it refers to either one or three of the following components, as elucidated by Fischer (2015): 1. A collection of activities and measures aimed at protection from attacks, disruptions, or threats to computers and their networks, related hardware and software, as well as…

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  • Apple Security Quotes

    Direct Quote Would you rather risk national security or your own personal privacy? Right now that is the question for all Apple users. The FBI is requiring Apple to create a software to get passed the auto-erase feature on the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooters. They believe that there is important information on their phone about other terrorists. Kurt Opsahl, general counsel for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based digital rights non-profit explains that “the…

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  • Information Security: The Three Pillars Of Security

    The Three Pillars of Security When it comes to security of information there are three distinct levels involved in the protection of corporate information. In this paper, I will be examining each of these three levels of security, providing an example for each. The first and possibly the most noticeable is physical security, also known as enterprise security. The next level necessary in an organization is information security or managerial security. The third level of security is…

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  • Private Security

    Private security have made some amazing progress the previous decades. The detachment of private and open security occurred in nineteenth century. Private security advanced from requirement for extra, singular assurance for people and their property. Decades back, individuals utilized physical security, for example, weapons, lake or precipice homes, dividers and doors like the Great Wall of China. Rulers from that day and age started to choose requirement individuals to help with open and…

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