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  • The Importance Of Security Planning For Security

    Introduction In order for you to plan for security. You must first conduct a full risk assessment. The whole point of security planning is to develop some security polices so that you can implement some controls that will help to prevent the risks to your systems from becoming a reality. This paper will discuss some cybersecurity strategies and other various frameworks. It will also analyze the change control process and identification needed for security for the specific business fields. Process to identify security needs and how it effects the foundation of the policy How can you possibly protect your IT infrastructure if you have no idea what you are protecting it against? That’s why it is important to identify the security needs and/or vulnerabilities thoroughly with a basic risk assessment. So a risk assessment is the process that should be completed first and it will help to identify the security needs. During this process you will be faced with some basic questions that will help to identify your security needs. These questions include the following as a start: 1. What are the assets that are within the organization that are in the need of protecting? 2. What are the risks that are associated with each…

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  • Synchronicity Of Human Security And State Security

    the face of these flaws, this essay proposes a “dual” approach would be more effective in enhancing both human and state security. This “dual” approach recognizes the synchronicity of Human Security and State security, meaning that the relationship between the two concepts is less of a “cause and effect” relationship, but rather that the advancement of one is likely to relate to the advancement of the other, and the degradation of one will likely result in the degradation of the other. As a…

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  • Differences Between Human Security And National Security

    When examining security in the international system several frameworks are discussed. Two such models are human security and national security, each conceptualize the variances found in security policies. Human security is an expansive concept that focuses on the wellbeing of the individual. While national security is a specified concept that concentrates on the wellbeing of the state. In the following pages one will find in depth descriptions of both human and national security as well as an…

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  • Drones Security And Security

    current security infrastructure, I have proposed two possible solutions. Acquire a fleet of either short range or endurance drones, that will enhance security. Drones are small, unmanned aircrafts that are capable of vertical take-offs and landing (VTOL) [2]. These Unmanned vehicles are capable of flying at high sustained altitudes. Because of their remotely controlled capabilities and their mobility, the United States military, Police Force and other security forces around the world are…

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  • Mobile Application Security: Security And Complications Of Mobile Security

    users despite generally being seen as less secure platform their desktop counterparts. For this growing group of users, mobile application security is a big concern. It was found that 82% of consumers would change applications if an alternative app was more secure (Arxan Technologies 2016). This is particularly important as there are major vulnerabilities in popular applications that could potentially shift large user bases. In 2014 it was discovered that a majority of popular applications,…

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  • The Roles Of The Security Plan For An IT Security Manager

    If I will newly hired as IT Security Manager of a medium size business of 400 employees and have 6 personnel in our security department. My company CIO asked about the security plan of company, as a manger of IT company, I need to secure the data of company is my responsibility. Security strategy plan helps to prepare an organization to face any type of unwanted security issues. As a security manager first thing I will do the Identification of threat, assessment of risk and…

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  • The Importance Of Security In Schools

    One problem in schools the last decade is the lack of security. The increasing amount of shootings and violence within schools causes students to feel unsafe and puts them directly in danger. Additionally, this affects their achievement in school which could potentially impact their future. There have been many attempts at preventing shootings and violence, but it still continues all around the country. Scholars agree that there should be more security in schools, but some disagree about…

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  • The Importance Of IT Security

    What is ‘IT SECUIRTY’? IT security is the implementation of defending illegal, unauthorized access to society’s personal information, and to design systems to securely safeguard documents, held on ICT equipment and applications. We need to have this type of security due to; General society, businesses, organizations and the government, all using ICT based applications and technology to store valuable data, such as; Names, addresses, contact information, phone calls, credit history, medical…

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  • Importance Of Operations Security

    Operations security or OPSEC is the process of protecting unclassified information that can be used against us. According to the Operations Security Professional’s Association, Operations security presents us with challenge of putting ourselves in the shoes of our threats from individuals, groups, other countries, foreign espionages, or organizations (Operations Security Professional’s Association). Operation security is primarily related to the military, but operations security can be related…

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  • Millennials: Privacy And Security

    the massive surveillance program conducted by the U.S. Government, made it clear that we are living in an age where our information is being stored digitally. This had resulted in an ongoing debate between on balancing of national security and civil liberties. The government, however, argues that it is necessary to give up some privacy in order to obtain security which would allow them to combat terrorism. In this privacy vs security dispute, a division exists between exists between…

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