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  • Password Security Threats

    Password security is a very important topic with many counterparts. It is important to know the security risks involved with passwords. Complex passwords have become very popular for businesses in order to log into your office computer. Often times you are required to change that complex password on a regular basis as well, which can make remembering the password extremely difficult and will often times cause the user to write it down or store it somewhere. Often times employees may share their passwords with a co-worker and this can be for a logical reason should anyone need to access that information if the person is out sick. Another issue may be using the same password for multiple accounts. There are also security risks if entering your…

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  • The History Of Passwords

    of security and how they can protect their organization’s information systems data. To do this, user access and identity must be managed properly to control the risks associated with confidential information and user data falling into the wrong hands. One way to manage user access is by using passwords to establish a user 's identity to gain access. History of Passwords Passwords have existed since ancient times long before the digital evolution began. In ancient history, they were referred to…

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  • Online Password Cracking

    Passwords have been used for the purpose of authentication since Roman Periods. Password-based systems, Validation based on something what the user knows about their identity are generally more common and necessary to access the available resources in World Wide Web through networks and the internet (Vaithyasubramanian & Christy, 2015). Cracking user passwords online is one of the essential skills in hacking and penetration testing with the aim is to illegitimately access the system through an…

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  • Group Policy Objects And Password Settings

    Introduction: The goal of this lab is to understand how Group Policy Objects and Password Settings Objects are enforced and used on a contextual and practical level. We also joined a client PC to our Domain and enforced these Policies on the client machine. We also played with how blocking inheritence of these objects interacts with the client machine to see which configurations work and which don 't. Procedure: Please check wiki for any and all configuration documentation. Below are…

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  • Keepsake Password By Ian Urbina

    In Ian Urbina’s article, the connection between passwords utilized by people and how they can hold deep meanings delving into a persons’ emotions, thought processes, personal past experiences, and the very essence of who they are, is explored at length. Urbina runs a study to create his thesis that people primarily utilize “Keepsake” passwords through collecting people’s passwords (either current or past) and why those specific passwords were chosen, as a proof that there is a deep connection…

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  • Using Mobile-OTP And Qr Code In Online Banking Authentication System Case Study

    hacker security. Recently, personal information has been leaked through a high degree of methods, such as phishing or pharmacy, to capture user IDs and passwords. This will result in an inappropriate ID / password being propagated between different users; thus a secure user authentication system is essential. In this paper, we use a different technology to provide a secure and easy to use new online banking authentication system Keyword- , OTP, QR code, Android,. I. INTRODUCTION Internet banking…

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  • Active Directory Case Study

    user folders with unique access rights per the defined access control requirements * Access a Windows 2008 Standard Server R2 as a user and encounter errors when attempting to create data files and write them to specific folders * Create a list of new and modified access control parameters to implement stringent security access controls per the defined requirements using Windows 2008 Standard Server R2 Lab Part 1 – Access Controls Criteria Worksheet Instructions For the given…

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  • Essay On Cybersecurity

    So what can you do to be safe on the Internet? Cormier states that there is many things to do to be safe. One of them is to add a Dual/Multi-factor authentication too your accounts. “The most used Dual Factor authentication choice you see is the text message. For your account, it will ask you for your password, and then after your password, it would send you a text message to a phone number that you already setup on the site. You put in the code that they text you to make sure that it is…

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  • Privacy And Security In Ed Park's 'Personal Days'

    tricks and techniques, and the energies used in it (making passwords) come to vain, when it comes to another person robbing him at the automated teller machine on a typical night. Park turns around through the ending of the short story along with some humor, reality, irony and surely, the painful…

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  • Examples Of SQL Injection

    data, deleting or modifying data in the database. Example of an SQL Injection in a login page When a user submits the credentials, the web application uses them in an SQL query which is then sent to the database for execution. If the submitted username and password are valid, the use gains access, and denied if invalid. Assume the username is ‘user1’ and password is ‘pass123’, the web application will send the below SQL query to the database for verification. SELECT * FROM Users WHERE name =…

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