The Pros And Risks Of Password Security

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Password security is a very important topic with many counterparts. It is important to know the security risks involved with passwords. Complex passwords have become very popular for businesses in order to log into your office computer. Often times you are required to change that complex password on a regular basis as well, which can make remembering the password extremely difficult and will often times cause the user to write it down or store it somewhere. Often times employees may share their passwords with a co-worker and this can be for a logical reason should anyone need to access that information if the person is out sick. Another issue may be using the same password for multiple accounts. There are also security risks if entering your …show more content…
If the user creates an 80-bit password, that should be sufficient. There is a website available at no cost to get an idea of how secure a specific password is. Simply visit and all the user has to do is put in the password and it will tell you how long it would take a desktop PC to crack the password. Another benefit to complex passwords are that they must be changed frequently, the company should set up a time frame such as every 30 to 60 days and refuse repeat passwords. A security feature should also be turned on that locks the user out if multiple incorrect attempts have been made to log into a particular station.
Although there are many benefits to requiring employees to create complex passwords, there are also some risks involved. Since complex passwords are long, employees may be tempted to write them down. The longer more complex passwords are also likely to be forgotten. This can cause the employee to frequently use the forgot password option or the need for the IT team to reset passwords. The employer should provide alternatives to writing passwords down such as the use of a password manager (discussed later in this paper) or suggesting a mnemonic
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Even though it is considered password manager software, Roboform offers much more than just remembering passwords. There are other options available such as Safe Notes, form fillers, password generators, password sync and search boxes just to name a few. Roboform also offers a start page that basically has quick links to all of the user’s favorite sites to access for ease of use. All a user needs to remember for Roboform is a master password, which allows access to the rest of the information saved with Roboform. On the Enterprise version, there is the mobile password option that gives the user the ability to access passwords wherever they are and on whatever device they use. This program uses industry-leading encryption technology and the master password is the only way to decrypt the other saved passwords. The master password is never stored and the user is the only one that has access to it. Roboform uses military grade AES-256 encryption and also has multifactor options

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