How Group Policy Objects And Password Settings Objects

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The goal of this lab is to understand how Group Policy Objects and Password Settings Objects are enforced and used on a contextual and practical level. We also joined a client PC to our Domain and enforced these Policies on the client machine. We also played with how blocking inheritence of these objects interacts with the client machine to see which configurations work and which don 't.


Please check wiki for any and all configuration documentation. Below are usernames and passwords to log into each machine and service.

System or Service Username Password
RHEL(root) Root T3m9P@5s
RHEL Amanley lol92rofl
CentOS(root) Root lol92rofl
CentOS Amanley T3m9P@5s
OpsView Admin lol92rofl
Wiki Admin T3m9P@5s
Windwoes Administrator T3m9P@5s
Windows 7 (client) Student student

Security Considerations:

Regarding security, neither of these objects are designed for implicit security, however both are security oriented. For example Password Settings Objects do not do anything to harden a system but will disallow users from creating a short or bad password. This would disable hackers immediate (relatively) entry into the system, but will not stop their attempts. These objects can also be applied on different levels such as domain, site, organizational unit. This would be useful for someone in an administrative position as they would have access to more sensitive information when compared to a peon within the company. You could then force administration to use

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