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  • Role-Base Access Control

    Role base access control (RBAC) can be defined as granting access to computer resources and network resources to individuals based on the roles they play in an enterprise. For example in a hospital setting which comprises of doctor, nurses, pharmacists, this users do play roles in the hospital setting and they are granted privileges based on the role they play in the hospital. Doctors could be granted privileges to write out prescriptions, modify prescriptions. A pharmacists will be granted permission to dispense prescriptions but not to write out prescriptions. The application of this model is apparent in commercial data management systems and it is widely used due to the papers written by Baldwin describing a database system using role…

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  • Logical Access Control Research Paper

    Logical Access Control Introduction The purpose of logical access control is to manage access to information in a way that: System is protected from unauthorized access Accidental damage from authorized user is minimized All Users have access to appropriate resources. The confidentiality and integrity of information in ABC Company are kept. This section addresses the logical access control requirements for All Users, and all assets of ABC Company, which include but are not limited to network…

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  • Discretionary Access Control Case Study

    1. Explain why mandatory access control (MAC) is better than discretionary access control (DAC)? Answer: Both mandatory access control (MAC) and discretionary access control (DAC) are important in a multiple user environment where restrictions are very important. Both are popular access control models. But they have some differences. We will find out these differences and the facts that will prove mandatory access control is better than discretionary access control. Basically, they provide…

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  • HIPAA: The Importance Of Access Controls In Healthcare Records

    handled or even shared through electronic stems. The HIPPA rule has led to the establishment of standards that are widely followed in the organizations so as to ensure that there is security and control of patient data. The paper lays a focus on important aspects of the HIPAA rule. The importance of access controls in addition to audit controls Audit controls cannot be ignored, but they are part of the control process. The audit controls documents system…

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  • The Credibility Of A Malicious Outsider (PCI)

    The decision to implement a converged technology within an organisation should be a conscious decision, however, with wireless there exists a very real threat of unauthorised implementations. This ultimately creates a risk to the information assets within an organisation, even when there is no perceived threat. So in the security policy the organisation can state its stance upon the installation of wireless access points, in that at the very least they must have prior authorisation and adhere to…

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  • Lock And Key Importance

    Lock and key is the interaction between a several materials that allows you to have control of accessing to physical properties, which was created by ancient Egyptians and from the information I have found, the first lock and key was created so they could keep their belongings to themselves. There are multiple models for security such as lock and key, padlock, safe and many more but I selected lock and key as the topic as I use it every day in my life from unlocking doors or even securing my…

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  • Money First Security Strategy

    Employees of Money First can make errors that can greatly impact the day-to-day operations of Money First. Access Controls can be broken down into two parts: controlled access to the computer system and controlled access to the database. Computer systems should be set up with a combined ID and password that is necessary to get into the computer. IDs can be setup with the user/employees name, which is publicly known, but the passwords must be kept private/secret. Passwords should not be written…

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  • M-Commerce Security Case Study

    onto the mobile and wireless networks which can be a major security threat for users. Some of the issues in e-commerce security are: A) Users are not informed of being susceptible to cyber-attacks. B) There is sometimes a lack of device power in that high point internet software application demand speed and memory which is still absent from some devices. C) Mobile devices are more likely to be stolen and loss. D) Authentication can be a major issue in that device users are not sure that they own…

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  • Values Of Security In Kenya

    The result of this approach is a network of objectives where the fundamental objectives are the areas of concern that can be used in decision making in security planning. The fundamental objectives were found to be in line with the acknowledged goals of physical security, e.g. deterrence, deception, detection, delay, denial of access, respondent, mitigation. The academic value of learning physical security in Kenya is to offer students the opportunity to learn the principles and theories…

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  • ICS-CERT-Executive Summary

    Weaker boundaries between industrial control systems and enterprise networks makes it difficult to detect unauthorized activity in critical systems. 2. Least functionality: It is important for organizations to minimize and close unused services, ports, protocols, applications and functions that increases vectors for malicious party to gain access to critical systems. As unauthorized personnel could plug rogue devices into open ports or unplug an authorized device and connect to gain access to…

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