Accuracy and precision

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  • Above Time Vs Temperature Essay

    Within this practical there were many possibilities for systematic errors to occur, one of these being the accuracy of the equipment used. This experiment was based heavily on the use of a variety of apparatuses including thermometers, water baths, beackers etc. and relies on the exactitude of this equipment to gain accurate results each time. It is possible that the water baths used to heat the thiosulfate solution were not working correctly i.e. a 40°C bath could not reach 40°C, usually this would not be an issue due to the temperature being monitored by a thermometer although if this apparatus was also not working properly it would make it very difficult for accurate temperatures to be recoded especially if both pieces of equipment were inaccurate. This would affect the results by using inaccurate values that are either too low or too high. If the…

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  • Long Term Ecological Research Paper

    Outgassing of carbon dioxide (CO2) from inland waters has been estimated to offset approximately 20% of net uptake of carbon into the terrestrial biosphere. However, this calculation is based on estimates of source strength at the air-water interface that is highly uncertain [Ciais et al., 2013]. One of the largest unknowns is the accuracy and precision of freshwater partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) estimates. To better understand observational uncertainty in CO2 flux from inland waters, here we…

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  • Sampling Design Case Study

    represent. According to the article, “McMahon Group distributed mail surveys to 1,650 members and their spouses in January 1999” (Cooper & Schindler, NCRCC: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction, 2001, p. 2). With the return rate of over half of the surveys, the sampling was very representative of the population it represented. Everyone that took the survey should have been affiliated with the NCRCC or care about the outcome of the data. Cooper and Schindler (2014) also provide that the sample…

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  • Glassware Case Study

    Which glassware is the most accurate?The least accurate? You can use the percent error to find the accuracy of each glassware, therefore you can compare each glassware to each other. The measurement labs reveals that the beaker produce results closest to the actual value, which means it is the most accurate, while the erlenmeyer flask results revealed it was the least accurate of the three- look at column six "Accuracy(Percent Error)". 2B.Which Glassware had the smallest precision and the…

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  • Density Experiment

    The first part of the experiment consisted of finding the accuracy and precision of three different measuring devices, a 50mL beaker, a 25mL graduated cylinder and a 25mL pipette. The mean volumes and uncertainties were found to be 22.5mL 1.9, 23.72 .25, and 24.89 .43, respectfully. The 25mL pipette was found to be the most accurate out of the three. The density of water was found to be 0.9979 g/cc with a percent error of .08, while the known density of water being 0.997041 g/cc. For the…

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  • Significant Figures

    numerical values that are not subject to fractional error, and therefore do not affect the number of significant figures in a calculation. These are called “exact numbers.” Some examples include: 1 foot = 12 inches, 100 years in a century, 2.54 cm in an inch. Therefore, if a number is considered exact, it does not affect the accuracy of a calculation. When taking significant figures into account for a problem, exact numbers will not affect them either. When performing a measurement on a digital…

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  • Affecting The Density Of Sugar In A Copper And Diet Coke

    In the future, I intend on having career in the medical field, where accuracy and precision is crucial in many aspects of that field, such as calculating the dosage of medicine for a patient. To ensure that the calculation in accurate and precise, I would apply this method of testing various instruments of measurement. The use of density is also important for those who work in fields related to overseas shipping because obviously their goods need to stay afloat in the water, and calculating the…

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  • Accuracy And Precision Lab Report

    Strength All the data obtained from this experiment is plotted on the graph. The accuracy and precision can be determined from the graph. Based on the graph , as the line do not pass the origin , it can be deducted that the result is fairly accurate. Since there are few outliers on the graph , the precision of this graph is moderate. Accuracy of the graph is affected by systematic errors while the precision is affected by random errors. A few measures had been taken prior in getting more…

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  • Case Study Interwest Healthcare

    inaccuracies lie. By doing this, it would allow Mr. Singh to effectively explain to the hospital staff where the discrepancies are. The management information system should then be analyzed to determine if it is too cumbersome or confusing for the staff to input data accurately. Moreover, management should look into an analyzation of the model of behaviors. This will help to determine the best way to help motivate the staff to perform better and input data more accurately in the information…

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  • Superman To The Rescue Summary

    Summary of: Superman to the rescue: Simulating physical invulnerability attenuates exclusion-related interpersonal biases In the article, Superman to the rescue: Simulating physical invulnerability attenuates exclusion-related interpersonal biases, the authors, Julie Y. Huang, Joshua M. Ackerman, and John A. Bargh (2013) address the theory that simulating physical invulnerability can affect exclusion-related positive and negative feelings toward in and out-groups. The researchers want to test…

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