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    Not Only SQL (NOSQL) In this paper I will use comparisons to help distinguish what is NOSQL. We will talk about NOSQL vs SQL. Document, Graph, or Key-value and wide column Models of NOSQL. We will touch on Schema and end with a condensed comparison of SQL and NOSQL. In short, a brief overview of not only NOSQL but also its opposing and conjoining systems, and their pro’s and con’s. To really understand these comparisons, you need to have an Idea of what JavaScript and JSON are in addition to the LAMP and MEAN stacks. The term LAMP referrers to (Linux, Apache, MySQL (SQL), PHP). The LAMP stack is a common stack of open source and free languages. This stack uses Linux as the operating system Apache as the server, MQSQL as the Database and PHP…

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  • Examples Of SQL Injection

    SQL Injection An SQL Injection is the technique of inserting complete or partial SQL commands in user-supplied data fields of a web application and submitting them for execution by the database server. The SQL Injection is normally injected by attackers to compromise the security of a website, access private data and perform other unauthorized actions that a developer never anticipated. Overview Majority of businesses use website features such as contact forms, search functions, feedback…

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  • SQL Injection Attacks

    Structured Query Language (SQL) injection attacks have been around for nearly two decades and have posed a threat to companies and government agencies around the world (SQL Injection Defense, n.d). The former head of payment security for Barclaycard, Neira Jones, states; “some 97 percent of database attacks worldwide are still due to SQL injection somewhere along the attack chain (SQL Injection Defense, n.d). A SQL injection attack can lead to an unauthorized access to database content and web…

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  • Data Integrity And Data Warehouse

    A unique identifier will be selected that will relate to both sets of data. The simplest way is to use the identifier CustomerID as it should guarantee that a unique number value will be given to each customer and will auto increment for new customer accounts. Once this is in place the next step is to look at all the combined accounts and check their indexes. Even though the data entered may be similar, not having the same index structures for all tables and columns will create problems when…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Hierarchal Database

    because this kind of schema uses tables and relationships between tables. About the structure, Hierarchal schema show us data such as tree structure it’s very easy to understand while Network use a graph structure which is more challenging to comprehend and Relational uses RDBMS which as more user-friendly because the data are presenting in tables. In relation how to handle with data, Hierarchal is easy to adding new information but is complex when we need to update or delete data. Network is…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Storage Systems For Big Data

    big data. To increase the performance of DBMS for big data storage needs, partitioning the data across several sites and paying big license fees for enterprise SQL DBMS might be the two possible options (Stonebraker, 2010), however they are not even without disadvantages such as inflexible data…

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  • Relational Database Paper

    sure our warehouse and assemblages are fully stocked. If they weren’t able to meet that fulfillment we would find someone else that could even last minute because anything could happen in a short notice. I would assume that the response would be the same in the IT field. Now we have a starting database that has a list of everything that we need for our business the next step would be to create a database management system (DBMS) so we can use the data in the best way possible. Instead of…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Relational Table

    Contribute to maintaining a secure database system by preventing data from becoming invalid, and hence giving misleading or incorrect results. Two major components of SQL and what function do they serve? A data definition language (DDL) for defining the database structure. A data manipulation language (DML) for retrieving and updating data. 3.2 Explain the function of each of the clauses in the SELECT statement. What restrictions are imposed on these clauses? FROM specifies the table…

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  • Importance Of Data Bases In Business

    as the spreadsheets, word files and other smaller application which form one main database and this is the End-User database. It is normally used by small workstations. Oracle is one of the main database products that is used within organisations, it is also referred to as Oracle RDBMS (relational database management system). Another database product that is the Microsoft SQL (structured query language) server which is also a relational data base system management. These data bases essentially…

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  • Mysql Vs Mongo

    performance and security. In the ever-changing world of technology, there have been many clear advancements in the space of databases. Two very common databases are MySQL and MongoDB. They are similar in many ways and also very different in how they deal with data. We will look at how they execute read queries and see what those similarities and differences are. Part 1: How a MySQL query is prepared and executed. For us to understand how a SQL database differs in running queries we…

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