Physical security

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  • Physical Security Essay

    This chapter began with a brief introduction of physical security. This chapter described physical security as an important issue to organizations and their infrastructure. Indeed, physical security was addressed as a mechanism that protect data, systems, equipment, facilities, people and all company assets. This chapter equally observed that the issue of physical security in today’s world is very alarming and at a raising costs for companies because environment are now becoming more dynamically complex. Computer memory, processors, has been stolen from companies at different point. Companies have witnessed robbery attack, terrorist attack, shooting rampage by disgruntled employees or students in an institution of learning. It was also vividly…

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  • Differences Between Physical And Physical Security And IT Security

    With physical controls you need to understand that this is a computer that is accessed right there on site and since this is a pharmacy it is going to be one of the three computers that are available at any of the three windows for anyone to use. There needs to be a username to log in with a password that has its own requirements attached to it. Also, with a computer onsite and physical access if no one is using the computer it needs to automatically lock itself within 10-15 minutes unless it…

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  • Physical Security Essay

    Physical security is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a business, especially when the company is handling large amounts of PII and NPPI. Any company handling sensitive information has to keep in mind all state and federal regulations that the business must adhere to, such as HIPPA and GLBA. Training and education of the employees is just as important to a company’s security plan as implementing safeguards and elaborate equipment. The whole team has to be on board with how…

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  • The Dangers Of Physical Security

    Physical Security As Margaret Rouse of stated, “Physical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, programs, networks, and data from physical circumstances and events that could cause serious losses or damage to an enterprise, agency, or institution. This includes protection from fire, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism, and terrorism.” In the world we live in today physical security is often over looked (Rouse, 2005). News organizations sensationalize the…

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  • Importance Of Physical And Cyber Security

    ntroduction When it comes to running a business, especially dealing with private medical records, both physical and cybersecurity is paramount to the success of the business, especially when it comes to patient confidentiality. When it comes to security, especially in the medical field, the implementation of effective security policies should be the organization 's top priority, for it protects the safety and well-being of both business and patient. The policies formulated must comply with the…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Threats To Supply Chain Security

    Another physical threat to supply chain security is related to facility maintenance and how it can be structurally vulnerable. These vulnerabilities can come in many forms but can be protected with a variety of access controls such as perimeter security (i.e. fencing, barriers, security guards, etc.), and monitoring equipment such as surveillance and alarm systems. It is imperative that preventive maintenance procedures are scheduled for these security devices to identify any environmental…

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  • The Importance Of Designing A Computer Network

    With a government network, accessibility is determined on several different levels. For most military and government workers all that is needed is a commitment to the government through membership in the military or employment with the government. For some members needing access to Secret or higher information a background check is conducted to determine eligibility for clearance. Once eligibility is positively determined the member is issued a separate CAC that allows access to what is called a…

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  • The Importance Of School Cameras

    Security cameras punctuate the perimeter of my school, a black fence separates the outside world from my secured campus, and police officers are staples of my everyday experience, and yet, they put me at ease. With the increased publicity and frequency of school shootings, such devices allow hundreds of schools like mine to promote their students’ senses of safety and their faculty’s sense of control about what goes on within the school. While many schools have adopted methods similar to those…

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  • The Importance Of Optimizing The Security Of Your Home

    Security is very essential to you as a homeowner. You need to optimize the security of your home as homeowner. There are many ways through which you can optimize the security of your home. Some of those ways include: installing electric gates in your home, fencing and so on. Did you know that keyless entry locks can help in optimizing the security of your home? Most homeowners have installed these locks in their homes. You will realize that burglars normally have evil motives of stealing your…

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  • The Importance Of Social Circles

    Abstract: The Content Distribution Sites (CDS) are the destinations which shares the information among the site 's clients. The information is essential angle in exceptionally association so the information 's sharing ought to be done in an extremely effective way. In this paper we propose a framework which addresses a substance sharing site that gives a safe sharing of information among the gatherings. The information can be any kind of information like the content based or sight and sound…

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