Physical trauma

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  • Physical Trauma Case Study

    As a freshman Radiology student, I expected to see a large amount of physical trauma once I started my clinical rotations. However, at Spohn South that is merely not the case, broken bones are actually quite rare. Merriam-Webster defines trauma as “a serious injury to a person 's body”, but to me trauma is physical damage to the body that happens unexpectedly and is rather instantaneous. Being able to perform radiographic examinations on patients that have experienced physical trauma is an important part of a student’s clinical experience. Nevertheless, knowing how to adapt to a patient’s specific needs and still obtain diagnostic images is not as easy as it may seem. Adaption and critical thinking skills are key requirements when handling…

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  • Encountering Recovery

    The recovery from an incapacitating injury is a very strenuous ordeal to go through. When the body goes through intense trauma it needs a certain amount of time to recuperate properly. During that period of rehabilitation the mental psyche endures a substantial amount of stress effecting the individual in varying negative ways. Many patients inevitably end up suffering from feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, sleep disturbances, and other psychological symptoms. The…

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  • Trauma Services Coordinator: A Case Study

    the Trauma Services Department to include a Trauma Services Coordinator. With advance notice, this proposal would be presented at the monthly trauma services meeting. The target population, also known as the stakeholders, include the Trauma Registrar, Trauma Services Manager, Trauma Services Director, Chief Trauma Surgeon, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, and Chief Medical Officer. Purpose Realigning the Trauma Services Department to include a Trauma Services Coordinator is a…

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  • College Sports Injuries

    A part of sports participation that is often unavoidable but hopefully wishing they were uncommon are injuries. Injuries can inflict a substantial physical and mental burden, while most injuries can be managed with little disruption it can cause serious damage to sports participation and other activities of daily living. The psychological response to injuries can trigger or unmask serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and substance use or abuse for some…

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  • Victorian Work Injuries

    physically and financially. Nobody wants a workers comp. injury. The goal is to get the injured back to work Everyone gains when an injured worker is safely back on the job. There is really no one particular type of injury, though the most common is neck and back injuries accounting for 90% of most of the injuries occurring at work. Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome are also injuries that we treat on a regular basis. They are also the biggest cause work absenteeism…

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  • Essay On Trauma Nursing

    HOW TO ASSESS AND CARE FOR TRAUMA PATIENTS Introduction: Trauma nursing can be very scary, if you don’t know what you are doing, with this set of instructions I will allow you to gain confidence in your emergency nursing practice which enable you to be better prepared in a trauma situation. For documentation of these steps please follow your facilities guide lines, but there is an example of a trauma documentation flow sheet on the final page of these instructions. This is basic information and…

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  • Injuries In Sports

    The purpose of Andreas Ivarsson’s study was to examine the extent to which a mindfulness-based program plays a role in reducing the number of sport injuries regarding soccer players. Ivarrson looked at a total of forty-one elite soccer players still in high school. This topic is an important area of investigation for several reasons. First off, time loss injuries have been known to affect athletes both psychologically and emotionally. Players who are taken out of games due to injury, often voice…

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  • Banning In Youth Football

    A parent, who drives their 9 year old to practice, understands the reality of an injury. So if you have a child that plays sports they can potentially become injured even though it’s said that football seems to have the highest risk besides women soccer ( Organized sports have so many benefits that it tends to overshadow the risk of getting hurt. Considering that injury is a possibility in any sport. However the risk of potential injuries and the growth in…

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  • Competitive Sports Research Paper

    This is an invalid fact because even with sports like swimming and golf, kids can still get hurt badly. In the article “How to Navigate Today’s World Wide of Competitive Sports” a father tells the story of his son who injured his arm severely and had to give up pitching. Dr.Ann Marie Gallo, a professor of physical education at Salem State University, says that if kids continue training excessively they are at risk for chronic overuse injuries. This means if kids tend to specialize in one sport…

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  • The Sports Effect Paper

    athletes perceptions of the social support provided by coaches and teammates during their injury. The motive of this study were to distinguish whether or not there were substantial differences between starter and non starter athletes. The results concluded those who were non-starters received significantly less emotional and social support compared to those who were starter athletes. This source will be essential to my paper. My paper will focus on both the mental and psychical effect a sport…

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