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  • A Career As A Physician

    It is my belief that in order to be a well-rounded physician, or person in general, there needs to be a great deal of balance. Although this is thought to be easy, it is actually quite difficult and it takes a great deal of work in order to do so. I believe that a well-rounded physician is able to do their job efficiently, but can also take a step back and put their job aside in order to focus on other aspects of life as well; whether it be related to medicine or otherwise. By utilizing this semesters EPortfolio, I was able to have a variety of experiences that are directly related to medicine, or not related at all. I think that this is crucial in my path towards becoming a physician. Our portfolio is broken up into three different parts,…

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  • Becoming A Physician

    At a young age some people know what career they would. Others don 't figure that out until college when having a better understanding of who he or she is. This vital when considering becoming a physician is an enormous commitment . Becoming a doctor allows an individual to do various things such as making an impact on the world . In the United States and in other countries becoming a physician is well respected for several reasons. One of the many reasons is because in order to become a…

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  • Future Physician Assistant

    progression of the physician assistant profession has been no exception. The history of the physician assistant occupation denotes the importance of its position in healthcare. Prior to the first formal education received by future physician assistants in 1965-1967, by Eugene A Stead, Jr., Dr. Amos Johnson and his proprietary trained assistant Henry Treadwell, became a model for Stead’s first class of PA students. The Johnson/Treadwell model represented, present, on the job training for…

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  • Physician Burnout Causes

    The Root of Physician Burnout The purpose of this paper is to discuss the cause of physician burnout. Physician burnout can be caused by the many challenges of practicing modern day medicine. These challenges have evoked physicians to become consumed with feelings of overwhelm, disillusion, and frustration which have led physicians to experience provider burnout throughout their careers. Physician burnout is the reason for “an array of adverse consequences, from physician suicide to poor…

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  • Physician Burnout Impact

    We as physicians can be a tough lot of people. Let’s face it, we had to be to make it through medical school and our fellowship sane and ready to help others. Often, this can lead to a syndrome of not taking the proper care of ourselves, and in some cases, being accused of being horrible patients when the physical effects of not taking care of ourselves start to manifest. Physician burnout can be a real concern for all physicians because of the type of job we take on. We want to be able to…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Physicians

    Black Plague became rampant during the 14th and 15th centuries CE. With medicine as an important discipline, it was necessary to find qualified physicians who would treat those who are physically and spiritually plagued by such problems. While there were physicians available for treating patients, many were not purely devoted towards helping humanity. Flaws and sins of physicians contributed to a detrimental body and even soul. While physicians were qualified to help the affected, many…

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  • Physician Assisted Suicide

    Physician assisted suicide is a highly controversial issue, and is one of the leading major public debates present today. There are many issues and moral complexities regarding whether physician assisted suicide should be legal. The viewpoints generated by both advocates and opponents of physical assisted suicide have great validity and support each cause very efficiently. However, based on the numerous valid facts and arguments, physical assisted suicide should be permitted in situations where…

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  • Critical Care Physician

    Critical care physicians are doctors who have completed primary residency training in a specific area of study. Areas such as pediatrics, anesthesiologists, and emergency medicine. Then have to complete training in an intensive care unit. Critical care physicians need to be hard workers, have lots of stamina and be able to stay calm, and quickly look for the most efficient solution. Starting off, school is a little more open ended for any kind of physician. First you must achieve a BS degree,…

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  • Physicians In The 19th Century

    The powers of physicians were limited in the 19th century by social, economic, and scientific factors, and as a result medicine was prevented from taking its place as a high status profession. The major contributors to these limitations include: the underwhelming ability to cure patients, lack of high knowledge exclusively help by physicians, and in America, various objections to regulating medicine. Doctors competed for rich clientele in order to supplement their income. Being in a lower class…

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  • Physician Assistant Exeption

    I am writting personally to request a cosideration for exemption from the requirement of the earned baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college for admission to the physician assistant (PA) program. I understand that the Physician Assistant program is highly competitive program, and that the fact of earning a baccalaureate from a regional institution is only one important indicator to determine a student’s potential for succes at a graduate level. However, there is always an…

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