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  • Used Pickup Trucks

    ?????Used Pickups for Sale in Burbank This is a great day and age for the practical pickup truck. At some point, everyone needs one. Owning one is an easy way to do something nice for friends who don’t own one. Gone are the no frills days of travel in the cab of a pickup truck and the bare bones discomfort of hard bench seating and limited to zero suspension to absorb bumpy roads and trails. There are so many sporty, stylish and sophisticated models on the road today, it is a great time to explore your options for Used Pickups for Sale in Burbank at Wholesale Investments Inc. With so many configurations possible in a variety of midsize to full size models from manufacturers you admire, we’re confident we have the right fit for you. Rugged to Refined: All Purpose Used Pickup Trucks Whether you are in the market for a rugged work truck or a sophisticated and stylish SUV-like ride with a practical and versatile bed in the back, we have Used Pickups for Sale in Burbank that fit the description of one or the other as well as those that serve both purposes! If utilitarian is the draw, we invite you to consider the GMC Sierra 1500 Work Truck as the idea business partner. This large pickup truck is a sturdy and solid performer you can count on to get the job done. It has a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Adulthood

    finally brushing my teeth. At seven o’clock my father walked into the kitchen and began filling his thermos as I walked out of the bathroom. “Let’s go” he said, immediately cueing me to put on my shoes and head toward his white Ford pickup. “Wanna drive?” he asked. “Sure” I responded. I closed the door, pushed the clutch and brake pedal, and turned the key causing the engine to roar to life with an occasional rattle from the exhaust. I released the parking brake and we slowly began to roll down…

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  • Pickup Trucks

    Sports and Hypercars have their own attraction. However, when it’s about being durable and reliable for generations to come, nothing beats an old Pickup Truck or SUV. Speaking of which, GMC has always been a favorite of people who enjoy riding in one of these bad boys. GMC, a tough competitor of Chevrolet and Ford, has maintained its own fan base for years. The reason for that is this brand has introduced some of the best Trucks and SUVs since its introduction. Some of them are Sierra,…

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  • Mcdonald's Pickup

    One of the artwork styles is Photorealism which is “create representational images, including pen and ink, pastels, and prints, in the 1980s and beyond” according to Arthistory.net website. The style started in the 1960s with Minimalism and Pop Art and put it together. First of all, the artists began with a camera to take a picture then create their art with pen, ink, and other media to create their own art. One artist, Ralph Goings who painted McDonalds Pickup in 1970 which has an old-fashioned…

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  • Myers Pickups: Case Study

    This micro-goose neck pickup is called “The Feather” and is meant for a variety of instruments depending on whether they create vibrations when being played. They're perfect for percussion, string, and some wind instruments, too. The cello, violin, guitar, or even ukulele can benefit from a pickup that feeds into an amplifier. What's Included Pickup microphone Mounting hardware Battery Myers Pickups The company was started by Gregg Myers, who is currently the CEO, owner, and inventor, but…

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  • Personal Narrative: Journey Home

    but they were forced to share the front seat ,where the seat belt could not fit over both of them, because Paul’s dog “was in the back seat and he was wet and stinky.” Tired and cold from playing in the snow all day, both Taryn and Amy were silent as Paul drove behind Wendy’s pickup truck. But while driving down the mountain on a logging road, that Taryn says “is only a one lane winding road with the mountain on one side and a 300 foot cliff with an 80% incline on the other.”, Paul was trying…

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  • Group Dynamics In Playing Pickup Basketball

    Playing pickup basketball is more than just a workout, it is also a way to interact with one another and a great way to relieve stress. There are many different aspects of pickup basketball, people that are very competitive on court although aggressive, can be very kind off court. On the other hand, there are people that just enjoy playing the game. There are many group dynamics in play in these pick up games. For example, there are many ways to choose teams in pickup basketball : shooting from…

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  • Import Truck Research Paper

    Car collectors are now buying classic pickup trucks to help diversify their collections. Some feel vehicles from the 40s and 50s like the [International Harvester Pickups] make a good choice from a collectible point of view. While others are scooping up limited edition models built in the 70s. The modern versions offer improved power and comfort over their older counterparts. Adding a Classic pickup to your fleet makes a lot of sense, because they can multitask. Use it as a daily driver or to…

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  • Personal Experience: An Interview With Detective M. Carter

    and the tire from the vehicle 's rotation and sliding through the grass. I observed the interior of the truck to be heavily worn and the driver seat belt to be in the retracted position, but not locked in place. Not airbag were deployed during the crash and the vehicle was not supported by the Bosch Data Retrieval system. I observed spattered mud on the interior of the truck cab, concentrated on the passenger side. I observed an empty Bud Light beer can on the front passenger floor board.…

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  • The Importance Of Autonomous Cars: What Is Their Place In Society

    beginning, we as a nation have had to fight for everything we have had from our land to our freedoms to our right as a nation. We fought the British for our independence. We fought native tribes for natural resources and territories. Whether you agree with the methods or not, you can’t argue Americans don’t back down quietly. This is why I see a very large disconnect from the technology community to the people if these products were to actually come to fruition. Many Americans will not be okay…

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