Myers Pickups: Case Study

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This micro-goose neck pickup is called “The Feather” and is meant for a variety of instruments depending on whether they create vibrations when being played. They're perfect for percussion, string, and some wind instruments, too. The cello, violin, guitar, or even ukulele can benefit from a pickup that feeds into an amplifier.

What's Included

Pickup microphone
Mounting hardware

Myers Pickups

The company was started by Gregg Myers, who is currently the CEO, owner, and inventor, but it's also managed by multiple members of his family. This includes his wife and grown children. This family-owned and operated company has several patents for their pickups as well as for amplified drums. Their motto drives the company, and is what inspires
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How it Works

After removing the pickup from the box, place it directly onto the desired instrument. The cable from the amplifier, recorder, or PA system can be inserted into the ¼ inch input jack on the side of the pickup. This will activate the pickup's internal power source. You can easily adjust the volume of the pickup mic to a level that works for your situation.

Quality Warranty and Customer Service

The company stands behind their products. These are not sold through a third party. They're made in the US and Myers wants their customers to be satisfied with their products. If the customer isn't 100 percent satisfied, the pickup mic can be returned. They'll refund your money with no questions asked. It's refreshing to have a company stand behind their products like that.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much ambient sound does this mic catch?
Most customers haven't reported much in the way of ambient noise with the placement of the pickup. You can certainly move the mic to a place that is quieter on the instrument if that happens.

Do I need a phantom power source for

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