Good4u Foods Swot Analysis Essay

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Group Project

Names: Emma Cawley (s00149016), Melissa Ndakengerwa (s00143642), Nicole Carr (s00129846).
Class: Bachelor of Business (BBS Hons).
Year: Three.
Module: Marketing Management.
Company Background and Introduction

The company ‘Good4U Foods’ came about in 2004 were Bernie Butler and her daughter Michelle who is a certified dietitian and nutritionist, came together with an idea that Bernie had stumbled on and transformed it into the popular food company they are today. Bernie seen the various possibilities and benefits th At the beginning they had become aware of the sprouting phenomena and the special ‘Super Sprouts’ which are made up of the following:

Radish Shoots
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these ideas lead to the development of the ‘Alfalfa Sprouts’ and the ‘Lentil Sprouts’. At this stage the business had found its feet and they soon expanded their future vision introducing us to their Good4U range of roasted seeds. Overall Good4U foods have an extremely impressive range of products all very popular with their target market. They have taken the irish market by storm and have expanded overseas to the UK in order to promote their healthy food and get people to buy them. Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s are the main providers of their products.Good4U’s production lines are set up in both Northern Ireland and Sligo. They have a total of thirty two staff employed. Their main office is located in the heart of Sligo …show more content…
Market research, she says, was key in determining the market potential. After carrying out a feasibility study with daughter Michelle, the Good4U story began and since 2004 the sprouts facility has been based in Cookstown, Co Tyrone.
The Butlers have been in the food business for over 30 years – the family built a state-of-the art salad and dessert plant in Sligo in the late 1990s. After six years’ hard graft they sold the business to Kerry Foods.
In 2013, with Good4U growing at pace, expansion plans were required. Successful negotiations with Kerry Foods to buy back the factory concluded in 2014. Dedicated to the production of seed-based snacks and ingredients, it is the company HQ and the creative home of Good4U.
A €1 million investment brought the factory up to the desired standard, which is approved by Marks & Spencer (M&S) and Tesco for own-label production.
The business remains a family one, with Bernie’s husband Paul coming back from retirement since the recent investment in

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