Russellville Steel Case Study

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Russellville Steel started on a plot of land in 1965, that was bought by H.W. Mitchner and John Trusty. The facility was built and improved upon until 1971, when Russellville Steel is as it is known today. The company ships steel materials around the forty one states it operates in. The company is very tight-knit, and runs an organized business.

The Office
Sadly, in the year 1994 the co-owner, Mr. John Trusty, had a heart attack and unfortunately passed on. Until the year 2000, the company was owned by Mr. Mitchner,(Mr.M), until he decided to retire in 2000. Ever since Mr. Mitchner retired, the company has been co-owned by Trish Henry and Chris Knoles. The company has an AISC Certification. This certification states that the company will run
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Mr.Beck manages the shop and makes sure that everyone can get their job done. Mr. Beck has been in the Steel Fabrication business for a long time. He has to make sure that the shop can fabricate so much steel at a certain time for shipping. The shop actually has its own open office. The operator of the shop office is Willie McMinn answers phone calls for the shop and will talk to the people who need the steel and get truck drivers in the trucks and send them off to the place that needs to be built with the steel’s from Russellville Steel. Mr.McMinn has one of the most important jobs for the entire company. If Mr.McMinn wasn’t there, the entire company would collapse. The shop is just as important as the office. The shop has to be there to fabricate the steel for the company, just like the office has to be there to detail the steel. One thing that is interesting, is that the shop still uses paper blueprints, although they are all computerized as well. The shop and the office need to work together and be able to go back and forth from the shop to the office. All the people in the shop work just as hard as the people in the office.

Contributions To The Community
Russellville Steel has made many important contributions to the community. The organization has made many buildings for the people to be safe. For example, the company has made an addition to Saint Mary’s Hospital and they built the new fire station by Arkansas Tech University, which has greatly increased the safety of the community. Russellville Steel also supports the Boys and Girls Club of Russellville, Arkansas. They have done many things for the community and have helped many

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