Personal Narrative: My First Adulthood

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I can’t remember when my obsession started, but on this day, it would reach a whole new level. Since childhood, I had always been interested in anything with a motor and wheels. This was the day I would make my first adult purchase: a Honda VT500 motorcycle. I woke up to a blaring alarm clock at around six o’clock that morning. As I walked into the living room, my nose was instantly filled with smell of fresh coffee and a burning, cherry flavored cigar that my father always enjoyed. I walked into the room slowly dragging my feet, still tired from a night of tossing and turning. “Sleep any last night?” my father asked (knowing that excitement had probably kept me awake for most of the night). “Barely.” I said as I walked to the refrigerator …show more content…
Upon further inspection I noticed that the bike had been re-painted from its original glossy black to more of a matt finish. The surface had been prepared well apart from a small dent on the front of the tank and the factory decals that were visible through the paint. Most of the rear panels had been removed to give the bike more of a “street style” feel; however, the original “cruiser style” handlebars had not been replaced. My father, (who had owned the same model many years ago) found this strange but concluded that the bike was in excellent mechanical condition for its …show more content…
I opened the door of the pick-up and took the white bank envelope from the front seat containing the money I had borrowed hours earlier. I took the money from the envelope and gave it to Chris; he in turn gave me the title of ownership for the motorcycle. Chris shook my hand and then my fathers to officially seal the deal. We then pushed the four-hundred pound bike up the wooden ramp we had brought, into the small bed of the truck. We tied it down and made all the necessary preparations for our departure, shook hands with Chris for a final time, and finally entered the pick-up to begin our journey home.
While I know that there are many other aspects to adulthood, this was the first time I truly felt like an adult. I had found the bike on my own and made the decision to purchase it. Also, (with the help of my father) I had formally begun a monetary relationship with a lending institution. I was shocked by the amount of trust my father had in me, for if I had decided not to make the payments, his reputation would suffer as well. This day was very memorable for me; I am sure that I will always cherish

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