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  • Digesting The Hamburger

    The process of digesting the hamburger you love is not as simple as you would think. It can take up to three days to fully digest the hamburger since it is a more fattier food. The first step of the process is mastication, which begins in your mouth. The food is broken down into smaller pieces by the grinding of teeth and the movement of the tongue. At this point salivary amylase is secreted by the exocrine glands and breaks down the starches and simple sugars from carbohydrates. Once the hamburger is mixed with saliva and mucus, and has formed a ball called a bolus, the tongue pushes it back into the pharynx. From the pharynx, the bolus is directed through the epiglottis, which prevents chocking, and into the esophagus. The food moves through the esophagus by the process of peristalsis and enters the stomach. After the hamburger arrives in the stomach gastric juices are released from the gastric glands, for the action of pepsin. These gastric juices have hydrochloric acid that neutralize the salivary alkaline ph. The hydrochloric acid also activates the pepsinogen, the enzyme to pepsin that breaks down the proteins in the hamburger. The acid also kills any harmful bacteria and other organisms that might be present in the burger. The burger sits in the stomach for about four hours until it gets to the point that its ready to move on and then the bolus of food…

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  • Pan Pepin Hamburger Advertisement Analysis

    Crickets chirping, s’mores roasting, and amazing memories being made, and it all began with a hamburger. The Pan Pepin Hamburger Bun advertisement puts a major emphasis on the importance of a hamburger to a summer camping trip. There are many key elements that go into creating that perfect hamburger, and it all begins with a strong foundation, the hamburger bun. This advertisement uses camping essentials to create the perfect hamburger, specific coloring to show what part of a hamburger each…

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  • White Castle Hamburgers Case Study

    In this section I am going to examine White Castle Hamburgers. Part of their success comes from being a family ran business, and not a franchise (N.A. n.d.1). White Castle Hamburger has been in business since they opened the first store in Wichita Kansas in1921. It cost $700 dollars to open that first White Castle restaurant. Time Line/menu…

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  • Battle Of Hamburger Hill Case Study

    The Battle of Hamburger Hill is one of the important battles of the Vietnam War, which was fought by the United States and South Vietnam against North Vietnamese forces between 10-20 May 1969. There were a lot of controversies regarding the strategic value of the heavily fortified Hill 937, the US soldiers received the order to capture it via frontal assault. Taking into consideration that soon after the battle it was abandoned, this case caused a lot of debates and controversies in the American…

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  • Euro-American Horror Movies: A Film Analysis

    As Paul Rozin has pointed out, food can be frightening—particularly in regards to our bodies and diet (Rozin 1999, 16-21). However, food can be frightening beyond the considerations of the physical individual body. Therefore, this paper seeks to answer the following question: What does it mean for food to be socially frightening (i.e. dangerous for the social and communal body)? By comparing Baks consideration of the role of the McDonalds hamburger in Korea and Kevin Dwyer’s alimentary…

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  • Gameday Grille & Patio

    love a good burger? If so, head to GameDay Grille & Patio and indulge in one of their freshly grilled, mouthwatering hamburgers. This Waynesville, OH, sports restaurant and bar is the perfect place to relax, get a good meal after a day at Caesar’s Creek or a tiring softball game, or maybe you just want to cheer for your favorite sports team. More importantly, GameDay Grille & Patio is the premier place to go for the ultimate burger in all of southwestern Ohio. The top four customer favorites…

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  • In N Out Business Analysis

    One of the best fast food chain restaurants in California for their freshness history. First opened its doors in Baldwin Park, California in 1948 by Harry Snyder and his wife Esther Snyder, since then, it became the number one among all the hamburger restaurants around the American Southwest and Pacific coast, for their their simple, but unique menu that as of today still the same in all their locations in the region. Each hamburger is freshly made and comes with simple but savory…

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  • Informative Essay On Burgers

    memories with loved ones at a party, event, or dining room table. With so many varieties and choices to create the perfect patty, there is no risk of even the pickiest eater going hungry. A long and rich history The idea of the hamburger has been around for centuries. While the exact time frame cannot be pinned down, the concept of a patty of meat can be found in a variety of cultures over time. From the Ancient Greeks to the Mongolian Dynasty, meat patties were popular amongst the masses.…

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  • Swot Analysis Mustang Grill

    My product chosen is the hamburger, specifically a Mustang Grill hamburger. The Mustang grill is a recent addition to the Huntingdon restaurant scene as a locally owned establishment. The location first opened in the early 1960’s as Tip’s Dairy Creme and was operated for over 30 plus years. Tip sold the business to another local family who continued the tradition of the hamburger until it was sold to an out of town individual. This tenure didn’t seem to work as well and the business was sold…

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  • The Bliss Short Story

    At the beginning of the short story, Bliss can be identified as being in the Foreclosure stage and then eventually transitions to the Moratorium stage. Bliss was motivated by seeing her sister’s unsuccessfulness to focus on herself and stick to her goals. With that mindset, Bliss tends to be quite stuck in her ways. The author writes, “And America is still the best place to be, except when it comes to smoking. I’ve smoked since I was twelve, and I’m not stopping” (Plummer 28). Bliss is very…

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