White Castle Hamburgers Case Study

Part one
I would create a hostel. A hostel is generally a cheap place to stay for people who are pack backing around a different country. Yes some of the people may be from that country also, and just looking for a cheaper way to travel. The hostels I have stayed in have had no locks on the doors, and four or more people in the same room. They have a community shower down the hall, a community room, and no place to eat there.
The two markets that I would be looking at are foreign pack backers (young or old) who wanted to spend a little less money while visiting, and students either going on a break, or shortly after graduation looking to experience the country from a different perspective before digging into a working lifestyle.
The markets
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Part two
In this section I am going to examine White Castle Hamburgers. Part of their success comes from being a family ran business, and not a franchise (N.A. n.d.1). White Castle Hamburger has been in business since they opened the first store in Wichita Kansas in1921. It cost $700 dollars to open that first White Castle restaurant.
Time Line/menu
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White Castle was so popular that even when the stock market crashed in 1929, White Castle would still open restaurants in New York, and New Jersey a year later in 1930. Things were running smoothly for White Castle during the 1930, and into the early 1940s, when meat rationing started due to World War 2, so in 1943 White Castle started selling hot dogs, and eggs (N.A. n.d. 2). The first major change comes to the hamburger chain in 1949 when they will add five holes to the burger making it cook faster. In 1955 White Castle makes the first major menu change by finally adding the fish sandwich to the line up. The very next year 1956 they add the ice cream shake to the menu line up. It took 40 years (1961) for White Castle to be the first fast food place to reach the point of selling 1 billion hamburgers. In 1962 White Castle permanently adds the cheeseburger to the menu. It will be another three years before they add anything to the menu. The next edition in 1965 is the onion ring. 1968 marks the over 2 billion hamburger sold. In 1970 White Castle starts a program that will mail hamburgers to customers who live too far to visit. It won’t be until 1986 before when they finally add a breakfast sandwich to the menu. In 1987 White Castle hamburgers, and cheeseburgers become available in the freezer section of grocery stores (the first fast food to do so). White Castle celebrates

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