Fast Food Nation Research Paper

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Ever since the mid 1900’s, the fast food industry has developed into something bigger than what it was when it started, this book, Fast Food Nation, was written by a man named Eric Schlosser. “McDonald’s French fries were once flavored with beef tallow, a processed form of hard white fat found on the kidneys and loins of cattle”. The fast food industry in this nation has grown fast and if it were not for the speedy service system, Automobiles, or teenagers then the fast food industry would not be so successful today.
The McDonald’s brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, created the speedy service system in the year of 1937; they started out as a drive in restaurant. They had carhops and short order cooks, and at that time, they were serving food that involved using glass plates, glass cups, and silver ware. “By the end of the 1940’s the McDonald brothers had grown dissatisfied with the drive-in business” (Schlosser 19). They fired all of their carhops and short order cooks because they were tired of having to hire new ones after the others quit for higher paying jobs.
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“By 1940, there were about a million cars in Los Angeles, more cars than in forty-one states” (Schlosser 16). Automobiles were the cause of a population expansion in America; people traveled far distances because they liked driving and because it made them feel in-control/independent. When cars were finally affordable between the 1920’s and the 1940,’s people started emigrating from the east coast and people migrated from the west coast. The nation then became more diverse; Los Angeles had plenty of middle class families from the mid-west. Because of the expansion, fast food restaurants started opening food stands across the nation. Mostly all of them were seasonal and closed at the end of the summer, except for Los Angeles. Automobiles had become so popular they decided to shut down the railroad transportation

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