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  • Mcdonald's French Fries History

    French fries were of great importance to Ray Kroc, one founder of McDonald’s. He wrote in his biography, “its preparation a ritual to be followed religiously." In the course of the chain's recent years, french fries were made from scratch every day. Their Russet Burbank potatoes were peeled, cut, and fried in McDonald's restaurants. As McDonald’s continued to expand across the nation, in the mid-1960s, it needed to compress employment costs, diminish the number of corporations they bought from, and guarantee that its fries tasted indistinguishable at every store within the chain. McDonald's started switching from their deliciously fresh potatoes to frozen french fries in 1966 and only few consumers realized that there was ever a nonconformity. Nowadays, McDonald's fries come from large industries that peel, slice, cook, and freeze two million pints of spuds each and every day. McDonald's is the biggest purchaser of potatoes in the United States today (Schlosser 669). The flavor of McDonald's french fries is part of a very important role in the chain's achievements. The fries are much more cost effective than their hamburgers and are still acclaimed by clienteles, rivals, and even food detractors even after all these years. Their amazing taste doesn’t come from the type of potatoes that McDonald's…

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  • Mcdonald's French Fries By Malcolm Gladwell

    As I begin this paper I am watching my spouse and son share a moment of bonding over food and sports conversation. Sitting next to me is my own portion of this hectic weeknight indulgence, McDonald’s french fries, which makes the work I am about to discuss that much more poignant because it is woven into the fabric of my own life. In his 2001 essay “The Trouble with Fries” Malcolm Gladwell makes a simple statement, “Fast food is killing us. Can it be fixed?” These words are meant to provoke a…

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  • In And Out Research Paper

    golden they have a bun that is white. The meat in the middle of the burger is not juicy and far from flavorful you can see the dryness before you even take a bite. The lettuce and tomatoes of the burger did seem fresh when I ate the burger. Between In and Out and McDonalds, In and Out had a more flavorful burger. Another key factor to a good fast food restaurant is that they should have good french fries. They must be freshly hot, crispy, and golden yellow. In and Out does not meet the…

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  • The Weakness Of Mcdonald's Challenges

    even be the third customer they have that is having to wait on a simple order. This is sometimes due to rush hours or poor pre planning to where you have to wait for certain times to be cooked since they have ran out like frys for…

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  • Spangle's Attractions: A Case Study

    Made fresh and made to order…(Spangles) is the value people are willing to pay for, the wait is only a formality of goodness. Rene is passionate about the inputs in crafting the Philly steak sandwich. She describes the process technology as, “Carefully chopping the steak, grilling it and adding the right amount of seasonings and vegetables.” (Steven) These simple but even processes transform the added value of all their food items. I was privy to a Spangle's family secret (cannot divulge)…

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  • Fast Food: Four Big Names Lose

    Some of the more apparent examples include the charts and the boxed in sections within the text. In the subtitle “Who makes the best fries?” the author compares and contrasts which place has the best French fries. In the section he concluded that Wendy’s has the best fries because, “it’s fries were ‘a bit more potato-y’” (781). Another comparison found in the article was found under the subtitle “How good are the chains’ main dishes?” Under this subtitle the author uses four different charts to…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Boardwalk

    Thoughts like: what’s going on, and what just happened flashed through my mind while I was hanging there, off of the edge of the Boardwalk. I really didn’t understand why I was dangling by one hand and staring at what seemed to be a cement wall about 20 feet ahead. I heard my mother scream something about my name and I instantly remembered what I had been doing before whatever I’m doing now. I look down and see the big fish below me. As a ten year old, many things seem “big”, but these fish…

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  • Mcdonald's Case Study: Mc Donald Organization

    Problem 1* 1) Intro. Mc Donald organization had been made in 1940s. It was the main fast food industry on the planet. Also who began a chain framework in the globe business sector. It serves a few of the planet top pick more popular nourishment such as french fries, Big Quarter Pounder, chicken Nuggets Also sausage McMuffin with egg like a breakfast. Mc Donald is the leading worldwide nourishment administration retailer with more than 33000 domestic restaurants served toward more than 1.7…

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  • Jack In The Box Analysis

    What Makes it American? Have you ever purchased something based off the name of the product? Jack in the box is an American fast-food restaurant. The first “Jack in the Box opened in 1951 and expanded to the East and Midwest under ownership of Ralston Purina Co.”(Kramer) They have “more than 2,200 quick-serve restaurants in 21 states and Guam” (Jackintheboxinc) making Jack in the box one of the leading fast-food chains in the nation. Since Jack in the box acknowledges that customers like to…

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  • Swot Analysis Mustang Grill

    various rules and regulations as they pertain to the storage, preparation and serving of food. Everyone has to keep Tim from the Health Department happy. The advantage of the franchise chains is the upper level support to make sure all equipment and methodologies are adhered to that represent their brand. I will say that I have seen Senator Stevens and his family dining at Mustang Grill so that could have positive influences. Sociocultural The hamburger has been a part of our national…

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