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  • Factors: Nutrition Impacts Of Food Processing

    Patricia Denise P. BSND 3-1N Nutrition Impacts of Food Processing ¥ Many consumers rely on packaged and processed foods for convenience and speed Ð Lose control over what foods contain Ð Food processing involves trade-offs ¥ Makes food safer, or gives food a longer useable lifetime, or cuts preparation time ¥ At cost of some vitamin and mineral losses ¥ Most forms of processing aim to extend the usable life of a food Ð To preserve a food, a process must prevent three kinds of events ¥ Microbial growth ¥ Oxidative changes ¥ Enzymatic destruction Do Canned Foods Lose Nutrients? ¥ Fat-soluble vitamins and most minerals are relatively stable Ð Not affected much by canning ¥ Three vulnerable water-soluble vitamins Ð Thiamin Ð Riboflavin…

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  • Code Of Ethics In Food Processing Industry

    Introduction: Processed food may also refer the convenience food which are usually ready for consumption without further preparation . These processed food regularly will have a long shelf life and can be easily moved from one place to another. Processed food may also include the ready to eat food, dry goods or the frozen foods such as the snacks like hips and instant mix like the instant noodles ,soft drinks ,nuts, processed meats ,cheese and pizza etc. The Food processing Industry is one of…

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  • The Cost Of Processing Junk Food

    natural and healthier foods, or more processed “junk” food. Processed and healthy foods each have their own benefits as well as drawbacks, and it is important for consumers…

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  • In Praise Of Fast Food Summary

    The Need for an Appreciation of Conventional Foods In her article, “In Praise of Fast Food,” Rachel Laudan explains to readers why processed food is an invention to be commended, not condemned. Laudan is currently an educator, blogger and author on the topics of food and food history. The author also grew up on a farm eating food from the family garden (Faigley 269). Having much experience on the subject of food, Laudan effectively argues her position that modern consumers should be grateful…

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  • Fast Food Industry Pros And Cons

    The Ugly Truth Over the past decades, the food industry has changed the contents of our food- they have changed what we eat and how we make it. Scientists have been working with large corporations to develop new farming techniques and technology in order to mass produce crops and notably increase their yields. With this movement, their intent is to ‘feed the world,’ and it has successfully helped to curb the hunger epidemic. However, some unintended repercussions arose from these new techniques,…

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  • Analysis Of Wendell Berry's Essay 'Eating For Pleasure'

    industrialized and processed foods that urban inhabitants consume on daily basis. The problem, he argues, is that because the food industry has unnaturally modified its produce, people no longer create a connection between food and it’s agricultural process, and therefore, people lose pleasure from consuming food. Eating with pleasure is essential because it allows an individual to appreciate his food, knowing that it was grown naturally and from the earth. In this paper, I summarize Berry’s…

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  • Causes And Consequences Of Obesity In The United States

    cause of this epidemic. There are several factors contributing to Americas weight problem including increased production of processed foods, socioeconomic status, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise. Although, the current way of food production in America is extremely efficient, several studies have found that processed foods have an ultimately negative…

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  • Obositium: A Short Story

    I was eating lunch at school one day, and that’s when I realized that the food I was eating was destroying us. Claire, my foggy-headed friend, had asked me if my Uncrustable peanut butter & jelly sandwich was “healthy”, so I tiredly reached over to the wrapper and looked at the nutrition label and then the ingredient list. I’ve never actually paid attention to what I was putting in my body and eating, which probably wasn’t a good thing. I noticed that there was something that I had never seen…

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  • Michael Pollan Escape From The Western Diet Summary

    In the beginning of Escape from the Western Diet, author Michael Pollan introduces the thought that nutritionism is one of the most used sciences used to categorize food today. Moreover, Pollan’s main claim is that nutritionism and the Western diet are not forms of dietary rules that we should follow. Pollan himself writes, “Scientists can argue all they want about the biological mechanisms behind this phenomenon, but whichever it is, the solution to the problem would appear to remain very much…

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  • Wendell Berry's Essay: The Pleasure Of Eating

    Shopping at a supermarket can be a hassle; there are different kinds of foods everywhere. There are choices from processed foods, diaries, meats, and junk food. Wendell Berry an author focused on educating consumers on how to eat food, writes about seven recommendations in his article “The Pleasure of Eating”. “When ever possible, deal directly with a local farmer, gardener or orchardist”(65). Growing a garden or shopping at a local farmer’s market, is healthy, seasonal, and more convenient.…

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