French Wars of Religion

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  • Religious War Summary

    CH 12 Age of religious wars Matthew Bauchert RENEWED RELIGIOUS STRUGGLE PG 390 -392 • Peace of Augsburg – legal Lutheranism in HRE but not Calvinists and Anabaptists • After council of Trent-Jesuits launch global counter-offensive against Protestantism • Intellectuals preach tolerance before politicians • Castellio comments of killing of Servetus by calvin • Politiques- rulers who urged tolerance, moderation, and compromise • Catholics and Protestants struggle for control of France, Netherlands and England • FRENCH WARS OF RELIGION (1562-1598) PG 392-397 • French protestants= Huguenots- from Besancon Hugues- leader of Geneva’s political revolt against House of Savoy 1520’s • HRE emperor Charles V captured Fancis I of France at Battle of Pavia ion 1525-…

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  • Jean Heritier's Catherine De Medici

    They both caused conflict in the government and tension between common people, but France did not fall after a new religion was introduced, and Rome did. I viewed the Guises as similar to the Roman Officials who persecuted Christians, basically just big bullies. The protestant leaders who eventually gained enough power to raise an army against the French government reminded me of Emperor Constantine, because they both were catalysts to the spread of a new religion. These similarities allowed me…

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  • How Did Religion Change Europe In The 16th Century

    In the 16th Century, religion divided Europe. However, a hand full of rulers influenced their countries and led them towards success. These rulers were known as politiques. Politiques were rulers or people in places of position that put the success and well being of their states above religious unity. They did not just change how Europe was politically but changed it culturally as well. The rulers accomplished religious stability in their countries, balanced their governments, gained…

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  • Catherine De Medici Chapter Summary

    arranged to marry her to the second son of Francois I, King of France, Henri II. The King and the rest of the French public quickly realised that Catherine’s rank was somewhat low to be marrying a prince, and that her dowry should have been larger. However, Francois I…

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  • George Washington's War: The French And Indian War

    The French and Indian War Introduction Have you ever wondered how America won its independence from England? When people came from England to find more land and to have their own religion, they were still under the control of England. Since they arrived, the colonists had to follow everything the king of England said, like taxes and laws that were being passed for these explorers. Then, the colonists got tired of the king of England made a stand for their independence. There was one particular…

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  • Great Awakening Dbq

    Pietism sparked a “revival of religion” when the German migrants brought it to America. From there it spread to the Middle Colonies and New England. The Great Awakening occurred when George Whitfield started transforming revival into something bigger through his powerful sermons. It is can be said that the Great Awakening did help a create a sense of rebellion because it was going against the something that had been there so long. For example, the Great…

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  • Thomas Paine Influence On Society

    America has been shaped by so many factors such as wars, people, government acts, and exchanges in power. Some built America up while, others tore it down. The French and Indian War helped show the Colonists that they could battle on their own. The Declaratory Act led Thomas Paine to realize they needed to fight for their independance. The French and Indian War, The Declaratory Act, and Thomas Paine have been positive influences on America. The French and Indian War, also known as the Seven…

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  • Essay On Lacrosse

    Around the 1630s, French Jesuit missionaries sailed to the St. Lawrence Valley and were inspired by the game of lacrosse played by the Native Americans. Jean de Brebeuf was the first European to document the game in 1636. After recording one of the Huron’s contests, he would officially name the sport “lacrosse.” The reason it is called lacrosse is that Crosse means stick with a curve end, which would look similar to a bishop crozier. Later in the mid-1800s, French residents in Canada would…

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  • Causes Of English Colonization

    the colonists had already experienced war, this war was the Seven Years War or the French and Indian War. The main fighting lasted between 1754 when the British attempted to dislodge forts that the French had built in Pennsylvania and would end when the French surrendered. The war was originally in the French and Indians favor but would end once the colonists and British gathered momentum. They would be victorious in battles taking back land and fort that would force the French to retreat, but…

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  • The Poem In The Poetry Of The Salem Witch Trials

    It was a plan to create a unified government under the thirteen colonies. It was proposed to make the colonies stronger than the French and Indians. Also, it intended to make communication and cooperation between the colonies easier. This plan also proposed that representatives would be able to levy taxes to support the colonial government. The Albany Plan was the first important proposal to unify the colonies under one government. The Albany plan was rejected by individual colonial assemblies…

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