Benjamin Franklin

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  • Benjamin Franklin Benefits

    If Benjamin Franklin didn’t invent bifocals I possibly couldn't have/get a driver's license. I would have to depend on others to get me place to place. My eyesight would continue to excel from bad to worse within. His inventions have done so much to this world to help us. Especially the bifocals, I think Benjamin is a huge part of our world. Benjamin Franklin made many inventions, throughout his lifetime. Theses inventions created are swim fins, Franklin stove, bifocals, catheter, glass harmonica, lighting rod, odometer, and found electricity with a key and kite. My person I have studied over has contributed most of his time and life to this world, I hope he realized that before he past away. He was one of our founding fathers, he drafted…

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  • Biography Of Benjamin Franklin

    Introduction: This Project will be written over a historical person known as Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was born January 17, 1706. According to the website they state that, He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He died April 17, 1790. He died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin was a diplomat, scientist, inventor, and a writer. He was also known best for being one of the founding fathers who helped draft the Declaration of Independence of the United States.…

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  • Benjamin Franklin Ideology

    American colonies during 1763 and a series of acts were forced upon American colonists that involved taxes on goods such as tea, paper, currency etc. Americans had no one to represent them in the British Parliament. American literature of that time reflects the revolutionary mindset and the struggle towards independence and sovereignty. This paper will examine the American authors and revolutionaries of the 18th century. Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He wanted to unify…

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  • Benjamin Franklin Accomplishments

    God’s Inventor The thunder roared in the distance as flashes of lightning streaked across the dark grey sky. Franklin 's kite glided in the azure, an old rusted key dangling from it along with his well-known lightning rod. Suddenly the sky illuminated with white, the kite burned and electricity streamed through his lightning rod and key. Touching the key, a sharp zap coursed through Franklin’s body ( 4). Franklin will soon after invent the most important necessity people will…

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  • The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is both Franklin's chief literary work and a vital historical document. The document was written by Benjamin Franklin, who is believed to be one of United States' founding fathers. He was a civic activist, printer, Politician, political theorist, scientist, diplomat, statesman, postmaster, and inventor. Remarkably, this was the first document to achieve widespread prominence and still after more than two hundred years…

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  • Benjamin Franklin Wealth

    Analysis of Benjamin Franklin's The Way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin was born into rather mediocre circumstances, and his rise to wealth and fame constitutes a true American "rags to riches" storyline. And due to this clichéd American fascination with the concept of a true "self made man", his readers, many of them of meager means and poorer backgrounds, were able to relate to his writings on a personal level. In his original Poor Richards Almanac, published in 1732, he provides insightful…

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  • Benjamin Franklin Achievements

    Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents. He is known as a printer, inventor, writer, statesman, scientist, and more. Being born in the 1700’s made it relatively easy for Franklin to involve himself in multiple areas of interests. This time period was rich in scientific discovery, political involvement, and controversy over war. In his lifetime, Franklin accomplished a gargantuan number of achievements that benefited society and are still spoken of to this day. He is well known for his…

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  • Benjamin Franklin Reflection

    value and esoteric essence of his own existence. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is an account of Franklin’s life experiences that taught him a deal of self-righteousness, virtue, self-actualization, knowledge and wisdom. Franklin recalls many past, powerful instances of his life that have influenced the ethical and intellectual development. The memoir also represents various events that built his keen interest in literature, linguistic and writing. Moreover, it also unfolds various…

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  • Essay On The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers, had a very interesting life in a way of writing and inventing. His passion for writing always took him from one adventure to another. However, these are not some ordinary adventures that we may experience in our lives. These are adventures that made him write Poor Richard’s Almanac, create the US Postal System, and contribute to write the United States Constitution. If we were to seek one major theme to…

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  • Contributions Benjamin Franklin Contributions

    Benjamin Franklin is one of the most significant people in American history. He is not only a founding father; he is also an author, inventor, scientist, and a diplomat. All of these things helped him provide great contributions to the United States history. These contributions include his many different inventions including the glass armonica, bifocals, and of course his most famous invention the lightning rod, which will be discussed more further in. Another one of Franklin’s contributions…

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