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  • Giotto And Virgin And Child Enthronet Analysis

    century. Raphael’s School of Athens was painted in a room at the Vatican that held great importance to the Church. Even though this was a sacred location, the series of paintings depicted realistic representations of Greek philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. Plato is pointing his hand towards heaven and Aristotle points to the earth. He paints his meeting of mythical figures around a grand Roman architectural setting with its high dome, vault ceiling, and pilasters. Raphael’s use of these classical allusions represented humanistic beliefs in compatibility of pre-Christian thought and the Neo-Platonism views in his time. On the end wall of the refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, you will find Leonardo’s Last Supper. In this fresco painting, he chose to portray the moment when Christ predicted his betrayal to the apostles. He used artistic classical methods to depict their expressions and gestures. These expressions and gestures conveyed how their different personalities reacted to the scandal. Leonardo’s understanding of the relation of bone and muscle are evident in this painting by his accurate details in the forms and movements of Jesus and the apostles. In spite of the dramatic shock and awe of the apostles, Leonardo created a sense of order to the scenery. The supper takes place in a room with a setting that allowed Leonardo to use his technique of spatial organization and painting effects to create certain lighting conditions. His use of perspective…

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  • The Importance Of Religion In Proto-Renaissance Art

    Since the early 1200s, there are many forms of architecture, sculpture, and architecture that are important bodies of work that present elements of the past and the future. Personally, the visually pleasing works of art are seen in paintings, from Berlinghieri, Bosh, Raphael, Caraccai, Tinteretto, and Michaelangelo. Each artist are influenced by the previous style period and have concepts that influence the following period. Firstly, in the early 1200s, the Proto-Renaissance shows the…

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  • Jenny Saville Mirror Analysis

    In the curing times, I believe that we have never seen an oil painter like Jenny Saville. To me, her work is something I could spend hours looking at. The way her paint blends but yet how it still stand out on its own. The way she paints is not going to painting to painting, she takes her time with each piece to make it the best that it can be. Many people compare her work to Lucian Ferdana and Sir Peter Paul Rubens. Saville is renowned for her update to the traditional oil painting, having…

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  • Fresno Art Museum Analysis

    Fresno Art Museum: An Exceptional Experience Upon visiting the Fresno Art Museum, I was pleasantly greeted with several local as well as world renowned paintings, sculptures, pottery, and murals. There were numerous exhibits dedicated to art, Latin American pottery, and even one fully devoted to Gary Soto, a Fresno native, whose children’s books were displayed in the museum along with paintings from the illustrations of his several acclaimed books. The overall environment was filled with great…

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  • Flotilla Fresco Analysis

    Salvaged in the 1960’s, the Flotilla Fresco was discovered in a building that had been obscured under volcanic ash. This was due to a series of natural forces. The painting is a Fresco, which is a technique in art where the paint is applied on plaster that has not dried yet. There are many speculations of what the painting is portraying. From a commemoration celebrating a new sailing period, military ships, or a transit from Akrotiri to Crete. This painting is treated as one of the most…

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  • Dylan Fresco Case Study

    Dylan Fresco is a Carlton Graduate with Professor Dr. Moranda. A native from Minnesota, Mr. Fresco educates in Upstream Arts where those with disabilities are able to express themselves and issues such as human rights are discussed. Mr. Fresco along with Dr. Bitterbaum, sought a renewed hope for the future in light of The Holocaust. Wednesday May 4th is Holocaust Remembrance Day and Mr. Fresco offered his personal story as a Jew. Mr. Fresco’s grandfather Norman Fresco was lucky enough to leave…

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  • Fresco Allegory Of Good And Bad Government Analysis

    Ambrogio Lorenzetti Frescos Allegory of Good and Bad Government Art has always been an expression of the emotion of mankind. Artwork gives us the viewer genuine insight of what it was like for people throughout history. One of the most influential pieces that were made during the late medieval period was the piece created by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Three different fresco pieces that were created but are all tied into one thought and idea. These three fresco pieces included Allegory of Good…

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  • Fresco Y Chocolate Film Analysis

    to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people their freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression. I find Milk’s thoughts to be very true based on witnessing how difficult it is for homosexual to be seen as equal to heterosexual people. The film Fresco y Chocolate depicts a flamboyant gay artist, Diego, who tries to seduce a college student named David throughout the film. David is a young communist, and he strongly believes in the Cuban Revolution. However, Diego is…

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  • Priest-King Analysis

    Maria Shaw’s argues in her article that the Priest-King depicted in the fresco described has just won a tournament and has been labeled as the “athlete of the year”. So goes on far enough to say that he could even have been the “missing Minoan ruler”, and finishes with the idea that these sports (such as bull-leaping, boxing, and acrobats) were the precursor to later Greek Olympic games. The three broad forms of evidence she references are the fragments and restorations, the architectural and…

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  • Essay On The Domitilla Catacombs

    There is a small cubiculum of Eros and Psyche that contain poorly preserved frescos “which show Eros and Psyche gathering flowers surrounded by flowers and birds.” Other pagan iconography include images of a dolphin pair, Daniel among the lions, and fishermen. There are several reasons why the pagan frescos are not as well preserved as the Christian frescos. The pagan frescos are typically dated to the pagan era of the catacombs, which is about a century older than the Christian era.…

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