Fresno Police Department

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  • Fresno Police Department Case Study

    Discrimination within the Fresno Police Department has been going on for many years and they have seen numerous cases. The Fresno Police Department has had complaints in the past with racial comments. They have been sued numerous times by different employees within the Fresno Police Department and Clovis police Department. Most of the cases were either Hispanic or African-American. I personally know the police chief that Sue the Fresno police due to racial comments. They try to justify the situation and denying all claims of any discrimination within their department. In this particular article "A decorated sergeant has sued the Fresno Police Department and three detectives accusing them of subjecting him to workplace harassment and discrimination due to his Hispanic ethnicity." They accused him of being a dirty cop because of his Hispanic background…

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  • Theories Of Dramatism

    floor or building of residents on a college campus. They are responsible for making sure that residents have a fun, healthy and safe college experience. As an RA, there are several meetings and events that one has to attend and plan, including a weekly module meeting, small group meetings with other RA and larger group meetings with all Residence Life staff. We also are required to plan monthly events for our residents that promote holistic wellness. Because RA’s are representatives of the…

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  • Eviction At Home

    landlords have also decided to bump up the prices for rent. It is easy for some to just say “These people should just get a job, maybe then they will be able to afford housing.” In reality, that is not the case, the cost of living and the wages that families and individuals get paid are not in agreement and it is even more difficult when these families are being paid minimum wage. Rent is getting more expensive, which makes it more difficult for families and individuals to make ends meet. Not…

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  • Women Population Research Paper

    nearly 6.5 million people living in the population. Counties that are commonly associated with the Central Valley include Sacramento, San Joaquin, Fresno, Kings, and Kern counties. Fresno, the largest city of the Central Valley is home to roughly 917, 515 residents today (The County of Fresno). According to the 2009-2013 American Community Survey by the Census Bureau, that in which it estimates a population within a 5-year period span, the Fresno County covers a total population of 939, 605…

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  • Low Morale In The Workplace Essay

    society being a police officer is more difficult and dangerous than it has ever been before. An officer has many duties and they consist of enforcing the laws while making sure not to infringe on a person’s property or life. Officers are forced to make many split second decisions and when they don’t react correctly the media heavily scrutinizes them. This causes the community to mistrust its officers and can lead to a bad relationship between both parties. Along with the stresses of the job,…

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  • The Vancouver Agreement: A Case Study

    developing the city of Vancouver in the VA, but there is no binding in term of how they should make their policies inside of their organization. As a result, every organization has their own policies or projects related to the urban development in the Vancouver, but not all of them will be integrated into the VA. Although externally there is high degree of autonomy, it does not necessarily means that there is low level integration from the external structure of the VA. The VA involved around…

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  • Fresno Pacific University: Case Study Essay

    Fresno Pacific university is a non-profit Christian university founded by the Mennonite Brethren Church as a post-secondary school in 1944 (Fresno Pacific University, 2016). The school’s current student population is estimated around 3500, and a majority of students are either enrolled as traditional undergraduate, Degree Completion or are in a Graduate program. The paper provides an overview of college design, how the hierarchical structure of communication works within the university and in…

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  • The Importance Of Crime In California

    it needs to be stopped, not just by the police, but the whole community as well. The identification of crime increases as well as how to decrease it should be a huge role in a community. Crime rates are still at a huge percentage, and we as a community can try to stop it from rising even more. Perhaps the thought process of being a criminal…

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  • Police Job Interview Essay

    The Officer that I interviewed was Officer Phil. Yoshikawa. He is originally from Fresno CA, but he now lives in Shafter, CA where he works with the Shafter police department. Officer Yoshikawa didn’t always know that he wanted to work with law enforcement he worked many other jobs before. Officer Yoshikawa had a manager at one of his jobs that told him to go to school in hopes of getting a better life, every day he told him until he finally went. He changed his major three times until he…

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  • Wineville Chicken Coop Murders Movie Analysis

    The issues in the film the police department was dealing with at the time of Walter Collins’ abduction were problems the real LAPD had in history. The film presents genuine issues that people living in California at that time could have had with the justice system and law enforcement. Historically around the early 20th century, the LAPD had numerous issues with corruption within the force, harsh gun policies, and police scandals (Rasmussen, 1999a). The LAPD was truly having such hard time with…

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