Fresno Pacific University: Case Study Essay

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Fresno Pacific university is a non-profit Christian university founded by the Mennonite Brethren Church as a post-secondary school in 1944 (Fresno Pacific University, 2016). The school’s current student population is estimated around 3500, and a majority of students are either enrolled as traditional undergraduate, Degree Completion or are in a Graduate program. The paper provides an overview of college design, how the hierarchical structure of communication works within the university and in what way the decisions are made to the success or disadvantage of the university. A recommended redesign for improved communication is described, which is grounded on the change process utilized by Kotter’s (1997) eight steps for effective change in an organization. It also discusses the feasibility of incorporating the recommendations at Fresno Pacific university.

Are we Failing our Students, are we Failing Ourselves?

Fresno Pacific has four major communication breakdowns that influence funding, sustainability, student growth and retention. The major constructs that contribute to the challenges are the Financial Aid department because they play a key role in understanding tuition
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Also, the hierarchical structure of the university lends itself to Kotter’s eight steps where it can be properly disseminated as the university establishes a coalition from all of the key departments and regional campus locations. Also, job security is motivation for change which is considered an incentive. In addition, McKenzie-Mohr and Schultz (2014) stated that incentives involve a desirable outcome following the behavior, and if a person feels at all pressed into a commitment, the connection that stresses the obligations makes it uncertain to happen. The objective is for the restructuring of communication to initiate positive behavior after trust has been

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