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  • Essay On Achieving Career Goals

    My interest in earning my doctorate degree in Counseling dates back to when I was in junior high. At that time, I was always the person everyone came to when they were having problems. This is when I realized I enjoyed, and had a knack for, helping others. Capella University allows me to achieve this desire, while helping me reach my goals. When looking into doctoral programs, I needed them to meet two criteria; they needed to be CACREP accredited, as well as online. In order to ensure that I achieve the career advancement I am striving for requires the program be CACREP accredited. One of my plans for my future is to teach at the post-secondary level. Many schools require a doctorate degree in order to teach. My plan is to continue working as a school counselor, and take on the role of adjunct professor as well. My life affords me the time to pursue my degree, but not in the traditional sense. I am prepared to put in 10 to 15 hours a week towards my degree, and Capella will allow me to do this during non-traditional hours. I believe that everyone should strive to be a lifelong learner. In many careers, counseling included, change is inevitable. In order to be an effective counselor, you need to…

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  • Latino In Education Essay

    go to graduate school, but the percentage of Latinos who do is especially low (Fry 2004). Though many initiatives implemented in high schools as well as colleges for Latino students, very few still are receiving a bachelor’s degree and then pursuing further education may it be through the medical school or graduate school (Fry 2004). With the increasing demand of higher and higher levels of education to make an income (bachelor’s degrees are sometimes nice enough and present day Stable career),…

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  • Is A Chiropractor A Real Doctor?

    Podiatrists. Among that list is also Dentist, which I previously stated that more than half of the people surveyed felt that they were not a doctor. Following with the orgin of a doctor, there are many "learned persons" that are in fact unable to provide any type of medical care for a person. Instead these types of doctors earn their titles in another fashion. The degrees include Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Literature, and other educational areas. Many argue that the title of…

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  • Gender Roles In Computer Science

    These classes are more male dominated because many people believe that females are not up to the task at hand. Today, according to Orrin E. Taulbee, a professor at University of Pittsburgh with a Doctorate degree in Computer Science, there has been a major decline in the number of females who graduate from college with a degree in the computer sciences. Graduation rates of females in computer science degree programs (with a minimum education level of a bachelor 's degree) are about eighteen…

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  • Counseling Psychologist Burnout Case Study

    and personal problems (Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center). Problems a counseling psychologist can address are adjustment with school/work, decision making, relationship difficulties, learning difficulties, stress-management, organization, coping with physical disabilities, disease, injury, personal/social adjustment, identity development, interpersonal difficulties, and mental disorders (American Psychological Association). This branch of psychology specializes in developmental stages, patient…

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  • Forensic Psychology Definition

    govern all in society, allowing those within to exist together on equal terms (Kuther & Morgan, 2012, p. 52). Forensic psychology is a sub-section of psychology subject unlike criminal profiling in that it deals with mental health aspects of a perpetrator rather than a technique investigators used to narrow the scope of the characteristics of a potential perpetrator. Forensic psychologists are usually trained in clinical psychology, and to work within the legal framework of law enforcement. They…

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  • Becoming A Doctor Of Education Essay

    Many would say, I did a number of things backwards when it comes to life’s decisions. I was a teen mother before marrying my children’s father; I married in high school before graduating; and I was a laborer in the work force for several years before going to college and beginning a career, to name a few. Becoming a Doctor of Education will be a milestone many, who know the intimate details of my life, would have never thought possible. This opportunity is not so much about showing the world…

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  • Essay On Health Care Field

    Lifetime Fitness. Prior to working there I knew I had a love for children, but it was not until I started teaching that I discovered my desire to work with children as my life long job. I want to be able to chance the lives of kids positively every day, and I believe that by getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and becoming a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatrics will help me achieve that. I have many personal assets that will help me succeed at this job. A huge asset I have for this…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Medical Doctor

    belief, being a doctor is not simply curing disease. A medical doctor’s job is as much to prevent as it is to treat. Because of this, general practice doctors frequently perform routine physicals and other examinations on otherwise healthy patients in order to ensure that they are, in fact, healthy. This is what people refer to as a check-up. It is in physicals such as these that doctors may find things such as hyperlipidemia or cancerous/benign masses. Because of this, some may say that the…

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  • The Benefits Of Software Engineering

    even community colleges offer them to. Its just a matter of where students decide to go. To graduate with a Bachelor’s or a Masters degree in Software Engineering, three of the many programming languages will be required. C++, C#, and JAVA, these are the most common languages employers use, but there are more certifications students can be certified in to be better off in the career world. Such as SQL, Python, IOS, and Ruby/Rails. The more students are certified in the better they will stand out…

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