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  • Dodgeball Argumentative Essay

    The tides of time are turning, and with it, the way that things are done. We live in a progressive world with many scientific advances, and politically correct lifestyles. Society is changing for the better, and with it, our schools. Today, more than 3.2 million SMART Boards have been integrated in classrooms all around the world; sixteen years ago, SMART Boards did not exist. Science and technology has sprung forward and helped the world create and discover so much, such as cybernetic implants, cloning, and latest research on stem cells. With the face of advancement upon our whole culture, so too, does the face of PE turn its cheek. The days of stereotypical dodgeball in Mr.Smith’s aggressive gym class are over. Dodgeball has been banned due…

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  • Dodgeball Speech

    From dodgeball to airball? Many adults when asked think the newer generations are softer, weaker, and less capable. “By age 13 70% of kids have dropped out of organized sports, and often out of physical activity altogether”says Mary Hasson . A key example of a weaker generation is dodgeball, the game has slowly lost it’s thrill over the years. In the old days they played with hardcore rubber balls, now it’s like throwing cotton balls. The Sherwood Middle School News Team watched an athletic…

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  • Teaching Styles

    The topic I was given was “Teaching Styles”. This topic is very important when teaching a Physical Education class. This Topic is both Student and Teacher Centered. Both Teacher/Student centered can be a direct, indirect, and interactive type of teaching style. It is up to the instructor to decide how he/she can perform these tasks. These teaching styles are used for students who might need any modifications to their teaching because not every student learns the same exact way. Also, you want…

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  • Diversity In Physical Education

    The dictionary simply states that diversity or diverse means showing a great deal of variety or very different. A lot of other countries and nations identify the United States as being a “melting pot” or being diverse because of the different cultures here, but how does diversity associates with education? Of course, educators have to have a very diverse way of teaching because students have different learning styles, and yes teachers may have a diverse group of students but let’s look deeper.…

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  • Explain Why Dodgeball Should Be Banned

    Dodgeball Alright pick your teams! This is what we usually hear when dodgeball is in play. When you hear the word dodgeball what do you think of at first? Most principals, parents, and students think one word BULLYING! Principals banned dodgeball in New Hampshire because bullying. What you think should dodgeball be banned? I think dodgeball should be banned! The jocks are like lions stalking their prey! The weaker kids are used as targets just waiting get hit. Dodgeball goes…

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  • Don T Kill The Birthday Girl Sandra Beasley Analysis

    1980, the world was a small-town waitress: it did not know what to do with me. ”(19) There weren’t any warnings from restaurants about allergies or descriptions of what is in their food back in the day. When she was born, she was not able to consume food like a normal infant. She could not have breast milk, formula, soy milk, or goat’s milk. Her allergies include dairy, egg, soy, beef, shrimp, pine nuts, cucumbers, cantaloupe, honeydew, mango, macadamias, pistachios, cashews, swordfish, and…

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  • Ethics Reflection Essay

    Introduction This semester, my classmates and I had the opportunity to team up with Community Place and participate in a service learning project. I, personally, was a part of the sports and athletics group where we played dodgeball with a group of children from Community Place. The ages ranged from eight to twelve, both boys and girls. Logistical Participation Overview At the beginning of the semester we planned for two different activities, kickball and dodgeball, and we would make a…

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  • My First Hours Of Grade School

    age I knew I should value education. In middle school I continued to understand the benefit education would be to me so I was persistent in my studies. Middle school is what I consider to be a daycare for kids old enough to take care of themselves. I was not enthusiastic about school when I was younger, but I always gave it my all. No matter how much I loathed the subject I still gave effort to do my best. One of those loathe worthy subjects was Physical Education. How does a person grade…

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  • Personal Narrative As A Migrant Farm Worker

    Bonding with the kids is my favorite part of the Agape mission trip where dodgeball was used as a playful icebreaker between the volunteers and the kids. However, the migrant farm worker kids were throwing dodge balls at full speed as if this were a battle between life and death. I guess that's how they always thought. Not five minutes had passed before I became surrounded by kids and pelted for what seemed like a million times. While standing amidst children celebrating their victory with…

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  • A Narrative Essay About God Research Paper

    The leader of the Workcamp mission trip told us that on the upcoming Wednesday of the week, we would get half the day off and that a marshmallow dodgeball tournament would take place. As the week progressed, the anticipation built and the cafeteria and lounge areas buzzed with talk of who would be on what team. The sounds of people talking and planning was a constant reminder of what was to come. My youth group had quickly established a reputation for being one of the more rowdy and cocky…

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