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  • Physical Education Importance

    The Importance of Physical Education If there was a proven way to ensure children are more attentive in class why would it be taken away? Children especially in the time we live in need all the physical activity they can get. With commercials and TV shows that promote junk food and un-healthy habits thrown at them all their life they need something they enjoy but that also benefits them in a positive way. Gym class is not only a privilege but it is also a right that should not be taken away. Physical education should be required in every grade to cut down on childhood obesity, teach students skills they will need later in life, and ensure the general well fair of upcoming generations. Childhood obesity is a huge problem in America today.…

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  • Mandatory Physical Education Classes

    Physical Education classes, should they be mandatory or optional? Growing up, Physical Education classes, which are also referred as P.E., were an quotidian activity. This class gave every student a break from the stresses of the classroom and the annoyance of other students. This is where you were allowed to be a kid, have fun, and forget about your worries for an estimate of forty-five minutes. Furthermore, one will become additionally physically fit. While, there are advantages, there are…

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  • Physical Education Class Assessment

    “Assessment of Physical Activity Levels of 3rd and 4th Grade Children Using Pedometers during Physical Education Class” 1. This research study was also found on the ERIC database. After reading and analyzing two studies that discussed strategies on encouraging physical activity and/or education in the schools, the importance of who is teaching the class, and then also the support the school gets for physical activity, I found this study interesting since it dealt with the actual physical…

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  • My Experience In Physical Education

    Introduction For the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been doing my fieldwork at Sharpstown International. During these days I’ve spent all of my time in the P.E. gym, and I love it. I work with two different classes during each period, and all the kids range middle to high school. My instructor is Ms. Sevier, and she is a blast to work with. Every day is different, and you never know exactly what is going to happen. I’m an extremely active person, so the idea of physical education is perfect towards my…

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  • Definition Of Physical Education

    Definitions and Requirements of Physical education. Physical education is defined as the “curricular area that teaches about physical activity” (Burgeson 1). In this sense, it is different from just physical activities. Here, in the United States for example, it is agreed that students may be physically active in activities such as basketball, football, and other sports and recess. But this does not eliminate the need for physical education as an institutional program. The elements of a good…

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  • Physical Education Curriculum

    Physical Education There are three purposes of physical education in the school curriculum. One purpose is to teach students the physical skills associated with many different sports. Such as being able to kick a ball with force in soccer, using the proper technique to shoot a basketball, or being able to overhand serve a volleyball. Another purpose of physical education is to teach students the rules and tactics of different sports that are common to our culture. We often teach students…

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  • Diversity In Physical Education

    does diversity associates with education? Of course, educators have to have a very diverse way of teaching because students have different learning styles, and yes teachers may have a diverse group of students but let’s look deeper. How can diversity be infused into our lesson plan? How can teacher combine diversity into assignments? And how can educators takes students out their comfort zones and put them in unfamiliar territory where they can succeed? Many students identify "diversity…

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  • Benefits Of Physical Education

    Physical education is a process aimed at improving human performance through physical activities associated with the acquisition and refinement of motor skills, development and maintenance of optimal health and fitness to good condition, acquire knowledge, and develop positive attitudes toward physical activity. Jenny (1961) and Williams (1964) argues that provide education through physical education and physical activity affect all development goals, including the physical, mental and social…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Education Classs On A Students GPA

    Should physical education classes impact a students GPA? Many people want to know if physical education should count toward a students GPA. Many people think it would be beneficial. Certain people think physical education should be eliminated completely. Some People think physical education classes could change students lives. Since physical education classes only require a students participation, it helps the student body stay fit and healthy, and it is not a very difficult class to get a good…

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  • Physical Education Grade Level Content Analysis

    Chartrand and Guerrant. “Physical Education Grade Level Content Expectations.” Michigan Department of Education. Web. 20 Dec. 2015. Activity is a critical aspect of a child 's growth and development. Physical Education provides many great opportunities for a student 's grades kindergarten through twelfth grade to develop “knowledge, skills, fitness, and attitudes to enhance their quality of life through physical activity” (Chartrand and Guerrant). Researchers have shown the students…

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