Benefits Of Physical Education

Physical education is a process aimed at improving human performance through physical activities associated with the acquisition and refinement of motor skills, development and maintenance of optimal health and fitness to good condition, acquire knowledge, and develop positive attitudes toward physical activity. Jenny (1961) and Williams (1964) argues that provide education through physical education and physical activity affect all development goals, including the physical, mental and social development. However, many people today who do not know the advantages of physical education. , They argue that physical education is important for their children while physical education is also one of the success factors of a student . What is meant by physical education is also a subject which all students have to take it either in school or even university. It is an outdoor activity that requires physical and mental strength. , What I want here is to discuss the students must take physical education course because it provides many benefits to students such as shape change and also the individual needs of the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Also, it can build soft skills and finally, physical …show more content…
This is because, it can give us health and prevent disease and obesity. As in the United States, obesity is a big problem for them. Many think that this happens because they do not do exercises that are applied in physical education. Further, by doing physical activities, it can train us to calm down and be able to control our emotions better. Finally, to strengthen the contents above, the importance of physical education to students because their time will not be wasted in vain and can keep them away from social activities such as loitering and

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