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  • Structured Interview Process

    The journal describes how selection process can be improved using a structured interview, and also asses the many way an interview can be structured. In addition, it’s important to mention the article have evaluated the structure or the standardization of interview and divided them into two particular categories; first through what influence the subject matter of the of a particular interview, and second by the process of evaluation of the information received within a given interview. The authors found fifteen structured types of interviews, which they were all gauged against their validity, reliability and the reaction by the users (interviewer and candidate in this case). Job Analysis which describes the origin of the interview of the questions stems from the examination of the job’s tasks, duties and requirements to be met in order to deem an employee as a successful candidate for the position. Usually job experts such as managers of the job in question are who to create questions, as they have accumulated the experience and well aware of the position prerequisite. Other structures of interviews rely to some point on job analysis, information is required regarding the position in order to provide a foundation in order to form a valid structure of interview. Asking the same question to each of the candidate can be a standardization of a specific interview process, but yet there are levels to it, first is to rigidly as the same question to each candidates, which provide…

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  • Personal Reflection On Interview Skills

    When interviewing for a job opportunity, many individuals experience anxiety and stress during the process. From personal experience, I can admit that I do not retain the greatest interview skills - I shake uncontrollably, I demonstrate high anxiety levels, and I find it challenging to think on the spot. For me, the questions, themselves, do not represent the stressor, but rather, the stress comes from knowing that the individual in front of me retains the ability to control my future career.…

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  • Examples Of Peer Reflection Paper

    For the peer reflection project, I interviewed Alexis Dowdell about the time her family adopted her cousin, Rochell. I thought this process was very interesting. Interviewing someone I never spoke to before was new. Even though this was a different experience, I was not nervous or overthinking about the right approach. I felt the right approach to interview Alexis was to be myself. We were both going through the same process, so I knew how it felt being interviewed. I also felt this process was…

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  • How Does Media Affect Body Image?

    The use of media is growing and is involved in almost every aspect of life. No individual can escape using social media whether it be in their personal life or work life. For this research my topic is media use and body image. Individuals spend hours using or watching media. I personally spend almost 3-4 hours on social media or watching media. With its growing influence media has the opportunity to influence individuals of all age groups. Whether it be with their political choices, or their…

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  • How To Write An Interview Reflection

    Research Reflections: For me, conducting and taking part in interviews has always been a stressful affair. Whether it was for a position on band leadership, part of joining a program, or for one of my classes, interviewing has never been an activity I was confident with. However, while conducting the interviews for this project, it was much more open and much less stressful. Whether it was because I controlled the interview questions, or whether it was because I knew them, I didn’t feel the same…

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  • Summary Of Qualitative Interviewing

    The next article that will be critically examined comes from an academic who focuses her work on qualitative research methodology in a variety of disciplines, including anthropology. Kathryn Roulston’s article titled Considering Quality in Qualitative Interviewing looks at how the quality of interviews conducted by people in the field affect the outcome of the work that follows the research process. As well, she also illustrates the flack that researchers receive sometimes from their…

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  • Administrative Assistant Interview Techniques

    graduate fresh out of college is seeking a position in business. Because insurance is to be a hotspot in the future the rise in administrative assistants positions will come about in corporations. So, the student who graduated desiring the position as an administrative assistant needs to be well prepared, such as use positive interview techniques to have a chance at the opportunity being open. Out of all the interview techniques, there could be about landing a job in business, five can be…

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  • Video Interview Research Paper

    What you should know about Video Interviews Face-to-face interviews have long been the immediate form of communication between applicants and potential employers. However, these are not always possible, nor are they always practical. This is especially true of applicants who are not local or of businesses with a difficult time scheduling interviews. In many instances, employers turn towards phone interviews instead. This is a common practice for an initial meeting with an applicant or when it…

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  • Larry King And Arnold Interview Analysis

    There are many different techniques to a successful interview. Although proper interviews require participation from each of the two parties, it is fair to say a majority of the responsibility lies in the hands of the interviewer. Individual interviewers have their own unique skill set, and those who are proficient are able to adapt to various types of interviewees. Larry King and Tom Arnold are well known public figures who displayed their uniqueness as they each performed information-gathering…

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  • Interviewee Observation Report

    She said a quick “Yes” or “Um” to get more information from Pecas. This nudging probe could be seen during Pecas response of when he exchanged 200 pairs of shoes to his for Cuban cigars. She used the nudging probe to get an in-depth response of what actually happened. Another probe that was used was the mirror probe, which is a summarized response asked in a question for the interviewer could get clarification. An example was when Pecas stated that he dresses from feet up, which surprised Pam.…

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