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  • Video Analysis: Mr. Baseball

    The narrator first points out that Americans can usually be spotted by how they are dressed. White sneakers and flip flops were mentioned as being mostly worn by Americans. He also mentioned, overly baggy pants, undershirts, and sometimes boxers exposed above the (sagging) pants. The speaker points out that kissing is not considered normal social interaction in America, but that eye contact should be maintained during a handshake. Personal space should be respected, about one arm’s length was recommended. The speaker went into various handshakes from the traditional handshake that we are all familiar with, to the “fist bump”, to an informal handshake, and finally a handshake mixed with almost a “chest bump”. This video is important because it points out that not everybody expressed gestures in the same way, and just as we find this amusing, I’m sure that if we were studying Chinese or Japanese culture, we would find some of their customs different from ours, but this should be respected. Like they say, “when in Rome”… Whatever is the acceptable norm in whatever part of the world you are in, you should respect and reciprocate. Again, it will be important to do your homework before traveling, or interacting with other people from around the world to know what they are comfortable with in…

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  • Cultural Differences In India's Multiple Religions

    Common greetings in India include placing the palms together in front of their chest and giving a slight bow of the head. American employees would not know how to react to this type of greeting. To receive this greeting and not return it it could be taken offensively by the Indian employee. Also men will shake hands with other men, but they never shake hands with a woman, and women should never initiate a handshake. To have a woman initiate a handshake would be offensive in their culture (Dr.…

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  • Observation Of Interpersonal Interaction

    As for kinesics, the guys who were standing had their arms crossed at times and would be nodding to the other guys who were making comments about the match. The girls were more social with their body movement by using their arms as they were talking, and even though most of them were sitting down you could tell they were moving around a lot more. The oculesics used were mostly bright eyes and smiles because it seems that they were all happy to be there and most of all, happy to see each other.…

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  • Personal Essay: What Makes A Haunted Mountain

    Justin started home when he noticed the mountain in the distance and felt the urge to visit once more. "After today, I am not going back up here," he promised riding across the field to the flat where he had left his bike on previous visits. Slipping and sliding he scurried up the steep mountainside while trying to be quiet. From time to time, he grabbed the bushes to keep from sliding backward. When he arrived at the mines, he moved the boards covering the entrance. He stepped inside, shined a…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Interclass Basketball Competition

    “TEN! NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN!” The sound of counting down got louder and louder as crowds started to count with the referee. It was the semi final of the interclass basketball competition of my school. My team was leading the game by one point. Knowing that there was nothing the opposite team can do, we started to have an early celebrate for entering the finals. To my surprise, our opponents started a counter attack, charging to our ring at full speed! With only less than six seconds, one of them…

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  • Fear In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    Fear of Showing Weakness Fear can control how people act. It can make them put on a front, act overconfident. Opposing to these reactions, fear can also make people run away or hide. In the mid to late 1900’s during the Vietnam War, soldiers were faced with this same fear. The men did not want to appear weak to each other, their community, their family, or to anyone. In Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried he reveals stories of the Alpha Company, a United States unit of foot soldiers, that he…

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  • Hausa Greetings Analysis

    gestures as well as wordings. These may include handshake, bowing, social and physical…

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  • Diversity In Communication

    Communication The presentation from Jan representing the Canadian Refugee Association was very informative about the immense differences in cultural communication. Jan broadened the classes horizons with drills to physically implore the expectations of other cultures compared to our own. This knowledge is imperative in health psychology because if a health psychologist is wanting to assist someone of a different culture it is beneficial to form a good first impression, and culture influences are…

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  • North American Greetings Essay

    The handshake symbolizes a sign of friendship. However, in the past a handshake was just as legally binding as a verbal or written agreement. During the medieval times, when many of the men were in armor, the handshake was the preferred greeting used to show friendship. If one male extended an open hand to another this was the means of offering his friendship and the gesture would be returned. The alternative however would be a hand extended with a dagger or sword. Symbolizing peace, showing…

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  • Cultural Differences In Body Language Essay

    It is impossible to know all of the different cultural differences in body language that you can run into. And trying to abide by all of them is even tougher. “If I did, I’d be running around not looking at anyone with my hands in my pockets. Of course, then I would be offending both Turkish people (hands in my pockets) and all of my friends in the States.”(DIENER 2009) There are several items that differentiate humans and give away where they are from. A couple of those items may include eye…

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