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  • Personal Narrative: I Found Myself And The Best Person

    I was riding and I got thrown off and was too afraid to get back on again after that. Then one of my friends convinced me to try cheerleading. I felt as though cheerleading would be the one sport that I would able to commit to and not change my mind about. I had stuck with it for years and I enjoyed everything about it. From nailing new stunts to sideline cheers at football games to going to Disney for Nationals there was always something to look forward to. I tried out for varsity when I was a freshman and after being an alternate for a week or two I was on varsity. I had finally found something that I was passionate about to stick with. That is until I attempted to throw my back-handspring without a spotter holding me and broke and dislocated my fingers. For those that are unaware, a back handspring is when you propel your body backwards onto your hands in a handstand and then spring up from that in one fluid movement. I didn 't think that that would be the end of my cheerleading career until I sat on the sideline at all the football games and I got bumped down to junior varsity. Now that was not the end of the world I was planning on building my strength back up with my stunting and tumbling while my fingers healed until I sprained…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Flipped Out Gymnastics

    would fall apart if pushed harder? In gymnastics, you are pushed to your mental and physical breaking point. When it comes time to compete, you have to make sure you know your routine and how to make it win the perfect 10. I, as a newly-budding 5th grader, knew this decently well, and my first gymnastics meet was definitely one for the memories. Flipped Out Gymnastics, located in Howell, was where I trained and competed as a level 5 gymnast. But, I wasn’t always an acrobat who had their…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Broken Bone

    was the fear of falling again and getting hurt. I had gained what they call a "mental block". It is known as the worst thing to obtain as a tumbler. A mental block is a mindset where someone has doubt and is afraid to do something, most of the time because of an experience that has happened in their past. I could not seem to let go of this fear; however, my coach had mounds of faith in me. He had always been there to help me and he would tell me continuously, “Trust yourself, you can do…

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  • The Evolution Of Cheerleading

    Specific tumbling passes include a running round off back handspring, running round off back tuck, and a running round off full twist out. These skills could also be done in a standing position. The running, round off, back handspring, is the most basic tumbling skill. After the athlete masters the basics of tumbling the skills become more difficult. Two of the most difficult tumbling skills for the athlete to achieve are the standing back tuck and the running full twist…

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  • Cheerleading Is Not A Sport Essay

    competition you want to look nice and in that process it can help your self esteem boost. Lets say you have just learned a new stunt. You have only practiced a couple of times, but when you compete you get extra points from the judges. You end up winning the whole competition because of that stunt. You won, so you feel prouder of yourself and happy you were able to learn quickly in such a short time. Cheer is a sport because you often have to work hard and push to reach your goals. In…

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  • Personal Essay: Your Gymnastics Career Is Over

    picked up. It was the first meet of the season. The previous year I placed second at the Idaho State Championship, with the difference between first and second being an additional step. Although I was one level higher and had tougher competition, I was determined that this was my year to take the first place trophy. If that was going to be true, I had to dominate this first meet, the debut of my level five skills. All eyes were on me as I danced, turned, and leapt my way to the first tumble…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Bosse High School

    A lot of people actually will not tumble on the gym floor because they say it hurts their hands. I actually LOVE tumbling on Bosse’s gym floor. Before every basketball game the athletic director has the janitors wax the floor so it looks very shiny. We have wood floors but they are the good smooth kind. We have a nice student section so when you run and tumble they really hype you up! The very first time I’ve ever tumbled on Bosse’s gym floor I was a freshman. My coach made everyone who knew how…

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  • Speech On Cheerleading

    Have you wondered the reasons for making a sport? For example, if you play soccer, do you know what lead to you making the team? Years or practice? I researched some of the reasons why I think I made the cheerleading squad at my high school. I believe that taking dance lessons, stretching, rehearsing dances and cheers, and my academic record lead up to me making the cheer squad, something I enjoy doing on my freetime. Having experience in something can help you in the long run. I have been…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Challenges In A Cheer Team

    I’ve faced a lot of challenges in my life. One of my biggest challenges was when I was younger and on the cheer team. I’ve always had a fear of heights and falling. When I first joined the cheer team, I faced a challenge of being one of the flyers. Before I joined the cheer team, I’d been in tumbling. I was practicing so I could try out. I had to know how to do a back handspring, walk overs, handstands, cartwheels, and many other things. When the time finally came, I had to go to the cheer…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Dystopian Bar

    the peak of a mountain top and my oxygen supply was thinning out. Each exhale made me dizzier and before you know it, I would be climbing down in a hurry, anxious to see my score even though I knew it would be low. I hated the fear I felt about practicing on the bars and how I believed that I would end up like my older teammate Chanel, who recently had surgery on both of her knees due to an awful fall in the last competition. She could no longer aspire to be like the “Magnificent 7”, the USA…

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