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I wish I could say that I found myself and the best person I could be through sports, however that just did not happen. My childhood was filled with trying practically every sport and I just could not find my passion in any of them. The variety of sports that I tried and failed to commit to allowed me to realize qualities about myself that made it easier to manage them when I was growing up. Through sports I discovered that I am indecisive, uncoordinated and fragile.
For most people, sports made working with others and managing time easier, but with as many sports as I tried I was not able to commit to anything to find this to be true. Injuries made me afraid to continuing practicing or playing those sports and I was too uncoordinated to do
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T-Ball was a nightmare full of tears. Tears that were not from injury but because I did not think the uniform was fashionable enough to be seen out in— if I 'm not mistaken I think I only made it to the first game and quit after that. To my defense the cobalt blue boxy t shirt was very unflattering on my small frame and it went down to my knees not to mention it did not match my hot pink helmet. Since my entire family played and enjoyed soccer I thought maybe I should try it next. This was not my sport either. I was too uncoordinated and my natural reflex as a left defender was to put my hands up to cover my face— that did not go over well with my team or my goalie. I spent most of the season on the sideline until I decided that it was not for me and quit that too. Gymnastics was a lot of fun until I busted my chin and couldn 't participate and I got tired of watching everyone else do well. Next I decided to play softball maybe I forgot about the nightmare of T-ball but I signed up hopeful and open minded regardless. I spent my time picking daisies in the outfield because I could not catch or throw the ball never mind hit it when it was coming at me. That didn 't last very long either. Throughout my entire childhood it seemed that all I would do is sign up for things only to discover that I either don 't like it or I 'm not good enough at it to enjoy the …show more content…
I did really well and entered into a few horse shows but then my horse got spooked when I was riding and I got thrown off and was too afraid to get back on again after that. Then one of my friends convinced me to try cheerleading. I felt as though cheerleading would be the one sport that I would able to commit to and not change my mind about. I had stuck with it for years and I enjoyed everything about it. From nailing new stunts to sideline cheers at football games to going to Disney for Nationals there was always something to look forward to. I tried out for varsity when I was a freshman and after being an alternate for a week or two I was on varsity. I had finally found something that I was passionate about to stick with. That is until I attempted to throw my back-handspring without a spotter holding me and broke and dislocated my fingers. For those that are unaware, a back handspring is when you propel your body backwards onto your hands in a handstand and then spring up from that in one fluid movement. I didn 't think that that would be the end of my cheerleading career until I sat on the sideline at all the football games and I got bumped down to junior varsity. Now that was not the end of the world I was planning on building my strength back up with my stunting and tumbling while my fingers healed until I sprained

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