Narrative Essay About Soccer

Register to read the introduction… I was now playing on a select team and also on a premier club team. I was feeling great. During my eighth grade school soccer season, I was the top scorer for my team and I had high hopes of making Varsity soccer as an entering freshman. Two weeks prior to the start of soccer season, I broke my ankle playing indoor soccer. I was overcome with more disappointment than imaginable. I felt like the one thing I had worked so hard to accomplish was once again taken away. Similar with The Pact when Sam also had the same struggles. He failed his first state board exam, and was left behind, because Rameck passed. It was something that delayed his medical career temporarily, but if he wouldn‘t have stuck with it, could have delayed it permanently. Sam had to put his other priorities aside, and completely focus on his goal at hand. The recovery after my injury was long and rough. I had to also put my other priorities aside. If I wanted to become better, and work through my injury, I needed to make sacrifices. I worked hard to get back in shape, attending physical therapy daily, instead of hanging out at a friend’s house, catching up on the latest gossip. My asthma made it difficult, but because I continually practiced, it soon became easier for me to run, and move the ball. All I wanted to do was to prove myself. Even though my dream did not become fulfilled that season, I knew it would be a possibility the next season, if I worked continuously. Sam’s dream was achieved by his pure work ethics, studying till his brain could contain no more knowledge. It shows when you work really hard at something, you can fulfill the requirements to achieve your dream. My dreams would be met, I just had to give myself a …show more content…
When George was in third grade, he had a teacher, Ms. Johnson who inspired him. She told him that he could go to college and be successful, as long as he stayed off the streets and out of trouble. She took her students to plays and required them to dress nicely. She was probably George’s most influential and inspiring teacher throughout his early years. Like George, I had a role model in my soccer career that believed in me also. His name was Mr. Shenck, and he was my soccer coach from age 7 on. Throughout all my troubling times with my asthma, my ankle, my vocal chord dysfunction, he was always there pushing me to be the best that I could be, under the circumstances I was faced with. He never doubted me, and always gave me as much playing time as I could handle on the field. When I doubted my ability to contribute to my team, Mr. Shenck would put me on the playing field for short spurts. Sometimes I would be in for only ten minutes. When I was out there though, I felt great, and even helped contribute a goal or two. He has been my coach almost as many years as I have been playing soccer. He will always be a favorite soccer memory of mine, because even when I doubted myself, I still had him pushing me, and believing in

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