Informative Essay: How Coaches Have The Power To Change Lives

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Coaches have the power to change lives. I can humbly say this as all my coaches, both good and bad, have taught me in some way what it takes to be a good athlete and most importantly how to be a good human being. They have taught me life lessons that I can only hope to preserve by instilling them into my athletes in my time as a coach. The articles I have chosen to highlight in this essay show how coaches have helped to develop character in athletes, how they pushed them to be the best on and off the field of play, and illustrate how they stepped into the lives of athletes and became so much more than just a coach.
Pat Summitt is known for her accomplishments in the sport of basketball. Her 8 national titles (more than any other women’s basketball coach in NCAA history) and her 1,071 wins (more than any coach in the sport) all illustrate her greatness prestige in basketball. What most people don’t know, is her ability to influence her players in such a way that they return to her to seek her counsel long after they’ve finished their playing under her tutelage. In the article titled “Summitt’s Influence On Former Players Goes Far Beyond
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Coach Summitt has proven that through encouragement good athletes can become great human beings. Her coaching style also garners those relationships that can last a lifetime which encourages athletes to see her as a safe haven in times of struggle. Coach Beal taught his athletes the importance of unity and through his acceptance of his diverse group of athletes, helped them to have confidence in themselves. Kelker and Walker instilled positive values in their athlete and proved through their actions that the development of athletes should always be put first whether it be academically or athletically. I only hope that I can make the same kinds of influences as these coaches have

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