Personal Narrative: Determination Without Limits Of Cheerleading

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Determination without limits

Ever since I was 10 I've been immensely involved in cheerleading. Even though my cheerleading routine is only two minutes and thirty seconds long we practice eleven months of the year and roughly 10 hours a week. I'm now 17 ,and I put seven years of hard work and determination into cheerleading. Without Cheerleading, I would never be in the successful position in my life that I'm currently in. Cheerleading taught me about teamwork, leadership , and perseverance , lesson that helped me succeed not only school but in life. I've gotten the incredible opportunity to be a part of a world renowned team Maryland Twisters F5. Being on F5 has been an amazing experience. I've gotten the chance to be on Espn four times , CBS sports twice , and be in two movies , the Champion's league 1 and 2 . However, I'm not a cheerleader because of
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Coaching both these teams has been an eye-opening experience. The athletes on my teams have a variety of disabilities, but even with their disabilities the other coaches and I have never put restrictions on the athletes. We put forth the mindset that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to. Every time they accomplish a new skill they prove what others believe about their limits is wrong. This inspires me to never put limits on myself ,to never settle for anything less than my goals because if they can reach their goals with disadvantages ,why can I reach any goal with the advantage I have. Without the family that Eye of the Storm, Storm Chasers, and F5, I would never have been able to believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. So as I take this next step in my life becoming an adult and a college student I will take what Eye of the Storm, Storm Chasers, and F5 have taught about never accepting defeat with

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