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  • Personal Statement: Customer Relationship Officer

    In 2013, I was work in a high-top hotel that locates in Hangzhou National Xixi wetland Park as customer relationship officer (CRO). I was in that position for a half of year, and then I decided to come to the United States. Here I want to talk about this job. In general, a customer relationship officer works at the Customer Relations department to assist with the needs of customers by responding to the concerns and feedback of customers. My main duty is that, I found any problems and concerns from customers and communicated with other departments in that hotel, and sometimes conduct investigations by collecting their information via telephone calls. More specifically, I was deal with complaints and orders, answer questions about services.…

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  • Social Cognitive Career Theory: Intrapersonal And Environmental Factors And Challenges?

    successful, as evidenced by a more enthusiastic commitment to the workplace (Yu, 2011). Yu (2011) recruited 151 participants, 47.8% male and 52.2% female, all of whom worked at various companies in Hangzhou, the People’s Republic of China. Yu (2011) measured career satisfaction using a subjective scale that addressed career success and had high ratings of internal consistency. Participants then completed a subsequent scale that addressed career values. Specifically, they used a 5-point…

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  • Lingyin Temple Case Study

    The view from Lingyin Temple As one of the most reputable temples in Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple shares profound culture and magnificent views, it locates at the foot of Lingyin mountain, the south of the Yangtze River. It is initially built at AD 326, which has the history over 1,700 years. it is surrounded by beautiful natural views. It is also one of the most well-known ten Buddhism temples in China and the symbol of Hangzhou. Nowadays, this Buddhist holy site attracts millions of tourists from…

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  • Summer Vocation Essay

    visited our high school. I was so missed my high school. I always look back on my high school life. And we visited our teachers. We talked a lot, I even can’t help crying. I never forget my high school life. We also went to shopping. We went everywhere in this city where we are so missed. I was so enjoyed staying with my old friends, it is so relaxed.and this holiday, i compland with my mother, she felt so happy, and I sometime read books, I like reading, I hope I can always spend my holiday…

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  • Narrative Essay About Winter Vocation

    their grade after exams. Teachers are pay more attention to their grades but not any other aspects,which makes students feel stressed. I think students should have an all-round development and we should reduce the students’ academic stress. Not only their grades should be concerned but also their physical and mental health should be concerned. If we all do like that, I believe students will have a good learning environment and study hard. Warm up#4 How do you think global…

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  • Ferrrero Case Study

    like the ones frequently made to China. 4. How Ferrero deals with the challenges After pointing out the challenges Ferrero is facing in terms of global marketing, here are some strategies and examples the Ferrero Group has chosen to deal with those issues. Establishment of a Ferrero’s plant in China In September 2015, the Italian chocolate confectionery Group opened its 1st China manufacturing plant in the industrial economic district of Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. This plant is expected to play a…

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  • Geely Case Study

    automobile enterprise from China. Headquarter in Hangzhou, Geely has complete vehicle and powertrains manufacturing bases in Linhai, Ningbo, Luqiao, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Xiangtan, Jinan and Chengdu. We have the R&D centre and a manufacturing factory from Drivetrain Systems International (DSI) in Australia. We have more than 30 car models under three product brands - Emgrand, Gleagle and Englon, as well as a full range of engines from 1. 0L to 2. 4L and manual/automatic transmissions to match with…

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  • Riordan Manufacturing Case Study

    Proposal Package for Riordan Manufacturing The Riordan manufacturing plant at Hangzhou China specializes in creation of fans for Riordan’s many customers. Based on previous years’ sales and the potential for improvement to meet customers’ demand, Riordan anticipates higher sales in the next one to two years. Team A has developed a proposal to improve sales forecasting at the Hangzhou plant to meet this demand. The proposal includes methods to improve inventory management, employee…

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  • Ma Yba Case Study

    Introduction It is apparent that, the dramatic growth of Internet creates a great number of powerful companies and billionaires. To a great extent, Ma Yun is a legendary one of them in China, because of the significant growth of his company, Alibaba Group. Alibaba was founded in Hangzhou in 1999 (Alibaba-Group, 1999) and it is one of the largest platforms for online trade and business communication now. Alibaba is based on online platform and started in e-commerce B-to-B (Business to Business)…

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  • How Did The Song Dynasty Affect China

    supporter of the sinicization and even enacted policies to encourage the transformation. His support for the Chinese culture was due to his desire to conquer all of China and to be forever remembered as a Chinese emperor. Here in the image to the left we can see the rule of the Southern Song dynasty in the south. The Jin dynasty conquered and presided over much of the northern region of the country at this time. The change from the condensation of citizens to the south changed the demographics…

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