Personal Statement: A Career As A Customer Relationship Officer

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In 2013, I was work in a high-top hotel that locates in Hangzhou National Xixi wetland Park as customer relationship officer (CRO). I was in that position for a half of year, and then I decided to come to the United States. Here I want to talk about this job.
In general, a customer relationship officer works at the Customer Relations department to assist with the needs of customers by responding to the concerns and feedback of customers. My main duty is that, I found any problems and concerns from customers and communicated with other departments in that hotel, and sometimes conduct investigations by collecting their information via telephone calls. More specifically, I was deal with complaints and orders, answer questions about services.
Personal Recognition As a customer relationship officer, I
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Sometimes I can provide information about our product and service to help customers make decisions. Also, Customer relationship officer may help generate sales leads. For instance, after addressing a customer’s inquiry, I might attempt to sell them with new options, like room upgrades.
Clerical Tasks
The job of customer relationship officer may involve some clerical responsibilities. Such duties may involve answering telephone calls and making the appropriate transfers. For example, when a customer made an inquiry about dinning service, I could transfer the call to food and beverage department. Other duties include processing new client accounts, maintaining customer accounts, implementing changes to existing accounts, and filing documents and other paperwork. For instance, I would organize customer’s information and personal requirement, especially for VIPs, and send up report to our department manager weekly.
Job Specific

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