1.1 Describe The Importance Of Having A Developing Relationship To A Business Relationship Analysis

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1.1 Describe the importance of developing relationships with customers

Having a good rapport with your customers is extremely important for the success of any company. Having a solid relationship with your customers can help ensure that the business continues to progress and remain successful.
A good way to develop a solid relationship with your customers is to reward loyalty, by simply sending a thank you note or a money off voucher can help to build and maintain brand loyalty, it also helps to introduce incentives such as a customer loyalty program as it will help to entice customers to return.
By looking after your customers you can help to maintain steady product/service sales, a company that prides themselves on customer care is more
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Loyal customers are also less likely to be ‘deal prone’, a new customer can tend to barter for deals and additional savings from business’ whereas a customer who has a rapport with the staff and services offered is more than likely going to be less inclined to try and get additional savings as they are familiar with what the business has to offer.
Customer retention can have a direct impact on profitability which makes the act of keeping a customer interested in a business by exceeding or meeting their expectations a highly valued factor.

1.3 Explain how customers’ expectations may change over time

A customer will always want a friendly, efficient and reliable service, but over time their expectations can be
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The general manager/director of a company will usually only be asked to deal with a query or matter if it is unusually complex.

1.6 Describe the use of Customer Relationship Management systems and processes to meet customers’ expectations

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is used to analyse data about customers’ history with a company, by doing this a company can help to progress or better the services they offer.
CRM software helps to compile information from a range of different channels such as telephone, email, company’s website etc. By collecting data from these outlets a company can see what products and services their customers search for the most and are interested in, they can also see the types of products the customer expressed an interest in via search engines or comments on various rating

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