Geely Case Study

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Founded in 1986, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (here in after referred to as “Geely”) started out to focus in the automobile industries in 1997. Geely quickly concentrated on the industry, technological innovation, and personnel training over the past years. With the total assets of more than RMB 100 billion, Geely become one of the Chine Top 500 companies for ten successive years, rank in the top automobile manufacturing for eight consecutive years. In addition, it is recognized as the “Innovative Enterprise of China” and “Complete Vehicle Export Base of China”. The overall working earning of Geely has reached USD 23.3557billion (approx.. RMB 150 billion). On July 2012, Geely was listed in good fortune Global500 as the only private
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Based on research that I found, Geely already have a few information system that they use in to build the car, for example the initial active safety technology BMBS (Blow-out Monitor and Breaking System) has become a recommended standard for vehicles in China. With a 45. 3 score from C-NCAP, Geely Panda is regarded the most safe small car. Gelly also has invested hundreds of millions Yuan in establishing university and college in China such as Beijing Geely University, Hanna University Sanya College and Zhejiang Automotive Technician School. The objective of Geely Company to open the university is to produce innovation engineer and workers to their company and country. Other than that, Geely also in progress to develop a new system for their company and cars such as, Geely total safety management system. Geely total safety management system (GTSM) is a GTSM is an entire new way of guaranteeing vehicle safety. It integrates superior research & development requirements to bring about the highest-grade in automobile basic safety. A total safety management that involves initial planning of R&D, high-standard safety technology development and strict control over production process, …show more content…
• Reduced Labour Cost
Based on research founded, Geely basically use machine to build the car, only a few workers needed to monitor the machine.
• Skilled workforce.
Geely has establish their own education institution, in that institution student will learn about automotive and after they graduate, they will they will be absorbed based on their qualification.
• Existing distribution and sales network.
Even though Geely is unpopular automobile brands in a few country, they also have Existing distribution and sales network that can help the company grow.

• Investments in research and development.
Geely have to do a lot of R & D to compete with other automobile company.
• competitive market
• future debt rating
• cost

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