Cool Cars Swot Analysis Essay

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Next, a SWOTs analysis conducted to identify internal environments and external environments that impact on achieving Cool Cars business goals. It is crucial to have in-depth understanding the external and internal situation of the company before developing a marketing plan for Cool Cars.
- Strong brand in high-income segment: three out of four brands target high-income segment. Primary buyers are 4L, 4F, and 4S.
- Quality products: Cool Car is valued on its engineering capabilities. We often upgrade our cars, including technologies, size, HP, so that cars’ performance enhanced effectively and efficiently.
- Customer intimacy strategy: Cool Car segmented and targeted markets precisely, then tailored offerings to match exactly the
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Camini is a leader in the minivan class. Cafav is the biggest brand in the firm’s portfolio and is growing impressively. Climax recently has also become a leader in Luxury class.
- Large investment in distribution: Coverage 68% of total numbers of dealers all over the regions, equivalent 540 established dealers. Cool Cars has planned to open 52 more dealers in all four regions (13 dealers for each) in period 9.
- Weak brand portfolio: Cool Car currently sell only four brands: Cafav, Climax, Camini, and Crusader, which was launched in period 7. They are unable to meet the diverse consumer needs.
- Perception of high prices: Our cars’ prices mostly considered as pricy in comparing with other cars. Actually, company has to spend huge money on buying quality materials, hiring skilled workers, and enormous investing in corporation marketing and advertising and promotion. Although consumer like good brand, high price is also an issue. This is also reason why total unit sales of Cool Cars is much lower than firm A, a company that targets to mass market (as result of period 8, only roughly 29% of firm A’s unit sales).
- High cost structure: producing high quality cars and employing skilled workforce result in high cost for the

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