Lingyin Temple Case Study

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The view from Lingyin Temple As one of the most reputable temples in Hangzhou, Lingyin Temple shares profound culture and magnificent views, it locates at the foot of Lingyin mountain, the south of the Yangtze River. It is initially built at AD 326, which has the history over 1,700 years. it is surrounded by beautiful natural views. It is also one of the most well-known ten Buddhism temples in China and the symbol of Hangzhou. Nowadays, this Buddhist holy site attracts millions of tourists from home and aboard every year.

The history of Lingyin Temple could be tracked back to AD 326 in ancient China, it was the Eastern Jin Dynasty period. Legend has it that an western Indian monk named Huili traveled around the China, came to Hangzhou and
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In this sense, this restoration serves as the significant turning point of Lingyin Temple. “Chan Master”, Mater Yongming Yanshou is assigned to rebuild Lingyin temple with larger scale and magnificent decoration.The temple was regarded as one of the "Five Chan (Zen) Mountains" of the south in Song Dynasty. The monk quantity in Lingyin Temple reaches to over 3,000 at one time. Till Qing Dynasty, under the leadership of Chan Master Jude for nearly two decades, Lingyin Temple is widely recognized as the most reputable in South-eastern in China with its solemn atmosphere and grandeur in scale.
Lingyin Temple has undergone the collapse and restoration for several years in its profound history throughout all these years. Its revival also reflects the Buddhism’s generalization in China. It is the most reputable temple in southern part of China today and attracts people for its unique history and development routine.
The construction of Lingyin Temple is quite traditional and dignified. Through the delicate sculpture and the colorful building decoration, it is not hard for us to see people’s worshiping of Buddhism in China. All construction works here are all combined with people’s deep affection and respect of

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