Narrative Essay About Winter Vocation

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I have a pretty good winter vocation in this year, because I have do many interesting things .At the beginning of my winter vocation, I went to LongXiang Bridge, which is providing newest clothing for young people . That day was a very nice day. We enjoy shopping and eating out with our friends. After that day, I have been at home for several days. I have helped my mother with housework, teaching my sister with her homework. . Another interesting thing is that we went to Nine Creeks. It is a warm day not so cold, we feel comfortable outside even a little hot. The Nine Creeks is a very beautiful place with giant trees and flowers. The most attractive thing is the stream. The stream is very clean and cool. We choose to jump down to the stream and play in there for whole day. That is my wonderful vocation.

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If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
There are many beautiful scenic spot in the world , I think the most attractive place for me is Venice. Venice is a famous tourism and industrial city in Northeast Italy and the only city in the world that doesn't have a car. It is also one of the most romantic cities in the world. There are only two
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To tell the truth, I didn't realize that I was going to graduate. I hope I can find an ideal job when I graduate. This work is probably like this, there are enthusiastic colleagues, kind boss. Everyone mutual trust and common progress, to maintain a positive work environment. In the morning, I was walking on the road to work with a cheerful mood. In all day , I work with a good mood to finish a day's work. After work I will have a dinner with my parents. After dinner, mother and I will go to the riverside walk, I will complain about the trouble in the work. This is my ideal job, occasionally busy, and occasionally relaxed. Having a good job like this will make my life very happy. I will have more time to enjoy

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