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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Panama

    Ever since the Spanish settlement in the 16th century, the country has worked as a service economy. In 1821, Panama broke out from Spain and joined Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, calling themselves the Republic of Gran Colombia. When it dissolved in 1830, Panama remained part of Colombia, and in 1903 along with U.S support it became separated from Colombia. The United States and Panama signed a treaty that allowed the construction of a canal, and that also gave sovereignty to the U.S over a strip of land on either side of the structure. Between 1904 and 1914 the canal was built, and for 63 years the U.S maintained control of it. In 1977 it was officially transferred to Panama. Hans Morgenthau describes international politics as a struggle…

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  • Classical Realism Research Paper

    Machiavelli, Hans Morgenthau, and other important classical realists. The main idea that sets classical realism apart from the other types of realism is the idea that states look to maximize their power due to human nature. As Hans Morgenthau said, "politics is governed by objective laws that have their roots in human nature." (Politics among nations, page unknown). Human nature is flawed therefore when survival is the main goal of a state, conflict is inevitable because a state has no way of…

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  • Interdependence Theory

    with examples on how states collaborate through international monetary negotiations relating to the IMF, in negotiations relating to the Law of the Sea, and US-Canada relations (Keohane & Nye, 1977). It states, that increasingly major corporations or working government bureaucracies, working apart from the intuitions of the State Department in the US reach out to their counterparts across national boundaries (Keohane & Nye, 1977). The book tries to focus on areas where the realist theory lacked…

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  • Han Fei Tzu Legalism Analysis

    Han Fei Tzu: Legalism, is an ancient Chinese philosophy concerned with the art of rulership and the stability of the state. Along with hundreds of other philosophical schools, legalism emerged during the Warring States Period (453-422 BC), a time of intense political and intellectual turmoil. Unlike other schools of thought, legalism defined the strength of the state, through a system of punishments and rewards, propagated by common laws. Neither concerning itself with Confucian idealization of…

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  • Footbinding Symbolism

    and beasts and brought civility and orderliness. In addition, Footbinding worked as a loyalty test and demonstrated exclusionist and supremacist attitudes towards nations other than Han- Chinese. Finally, it is a body decoration, which suits femininity to seek the beauty at the times. These are salient truths contributed to the enduring appeal and relevance of the practice in late imperial China. In my own opinion, I strongly agree with what Dorothy presents in the journal Footbinding exists in…

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  • The Accidental Asian Analysis

    Sometimes I am curious about what the many different groups of minorities feel like in the United States. For example, their struggles, emotions, and actions they choose to make while trying to adjust to a new environment. Eric Liu’s memoir The Accidental Asian demonstrates just that. It depicts the double consciousness, social structures, instances of identity confusion, and the agency a second-generation Chinese American experiences. In high school, he experiences the social structure of…

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  • Reflection Of Confucianism In Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

    As the title suggests, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon refers to what lies beyond the eyes can perceive in a being. The movie illustrates characters that are relatable to self and Asian society. As we explore the Chinese ancestry in the class we watch the movie as a reflection of Confucianism and Taoism prevailing in traditions of China. The characters in the movie portray various attributes to paint the picture of China as a self-regulating society. As the movie begins, Li Mubai returns from…

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  • Similarities Between Gupta Dynasty And Han Dynasty

    existence, several rulers and dynasties controlled the large civilizations. The Han dynasty of China and the Gupta dynasty of India were two of the most successful and effective rulers of the Chinese and Indian civilizations.…

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  • The Importance Of Marketing In China And China

    Stephan Everingham EGT1 Task 4 In a time of global commerce, new business ventures can take on many forms. What used to be local or even national companies have become world-wide. International growth of a business can be extremely beneficial but is not without its challenges. Different countries have different peoples and different cultures - different ways of doing business altogether. If a venture is to be successful, these differences must be well understood. Let us consider China…

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  • Cultural Difference Between First And Second Generation In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

    The cultural difference between first and second generation is a common problem in immigration family and many people don 't know how to solve it. Many second generation feel that they don 't have connection with their own culture and they also think that their parent don 't understand them. Amy Tan 's The Joy Luck Club is a novel focuses on Chinese American Immigration families. It describes the cultural difference between first and second generations and talks about the family relationship…

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