American Dream In China Essay

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In these few decades, China’s economic has growth efficiently and the country is developing rapidly. However, in the 19th century and early 20th century , many Chinese were living under privation whether in cities or rural areas. As a result, many Chinese had the “American dream”: immigrating to the United States to get away from hardship and anticipate for life improvement. Indeed, their main goal was to “gold digging” meaning to earn money for better survival and able to contribute even a little back to their homeland. Under autocratic control and political corruption, many people’s life was extremely difficult, they suffered under famine and poverty. The two Opium wars fought between 1839-1860 involving China’s attempt to forbidden British opium trade in the country and British’s goal to legalize opium trade. The treaty of Nanking granted indemnity to Britain and British consuls gained the right to negotiate directly with local officials. On the other hand, China suffered economic hardship and serious loss of sovereignty under this treaty. This was pitted the British empire against the Qing empire and symbols of Western imperial domination leading to the Taiping Rebellion. In the Qing dynasty, …show more content…
The discovery of “California Gold Rush” in January, 1948 found by James W. Marshall brought San Fransisco from 200 residents to 36,000 in just few years and “gold rapidly transformed upper California into a gold-based cash economy” (Butler, 1998, pg.17). This not only attracted Chinese, but also thousands from Europe, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Moreover, the flood of golds also built new relationships among people and encourage people to build reciprocity and solitary towards each

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