Harassment by computer

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  • Cyberstalking And Child Abuse

    It is common for criminals to use computers and internet to commence their crimes. It is not just the faceless organization targeted by cybercriminals but individuals who feel the repercussion well after being victimized. This paper will review computer crimes that involve identity theft, cyberstalking and child abuse. Identity theft can rob someone of their life savings, ruin credit ratings which can effect careers and weaken purchase power. Cyberstalking victims face tremendous stress living under a cloud of consistent threat to their life and their loved ones. Child abuse is perhaps the most devastating computer crime committed. Youth are the most vulnerable who experience emotional turmoil by their aggressors. In September 2014, Kevin…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Doxxing

    In February 2013, Zoe Quinn, an independent game developer, releases Depression Quest, a browser game, and received positive feedback in the gaming industry. Unfortunately, backlash came from a group of individuals who believed that the new title received undeserved attention. By August 2014, Quinn became the target of increasing harassment that soon became something she could not ignore, especially with her ex-boyfriend posting a blog post suggesting that she was dating Nathan Grayson, a…

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  • Consumption Of Harassment: Ethics And Ethics In The Workplace

    Ethics and Conduct We are committed to maintaining a work environment that is frank of harassment, discernment and retaliation. These token of manners will not be tolerated by anyone including employees, Guests and vendors. Harassment consists of unwelcome conduct, whether verbal, physical or visual, that is based upon a person 's protected status race, color, creed, military, religion, gender (gender identity), alienage, citizenship status, sexual orientation, national zero vector, disability,…

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  • The Role Of Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    Sexual harassment lowers work performance and brings low self-esteem to the victims. Sexual harassment is considered as a public embarrassment and humiliation where the harassed may be blamed for her dress and lifestyle at times.it is unfortunate that the harassed normally become under scrutiny and this really interferes with their reputation and dignity. To most victims, sexual harassment may prompt them to change their jobs or even feel that people around them do not care about them. There are…

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  • American Apparel Case

    He has dodged years of sexual harassment lawsuit but was finally penalized for his wrong doings. An internal investigator claimed “ it would not be appropriate for Mr. Charney to be reinstated as CEO or an officer or employee of company” (Lee). Unfortunately this company took too long to come to the realization that he should not be a part of the company. American Apparel has suffered tremendously due to the fact that it was such a long and ongoing scandal. Although they have suffered so much,…

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  • Cyberbullying And Harassment

    When most adolescents and young adults are on social media, many are not fully aware of the dangers cyber harassment can do to an individual. While online, individuals are usually in social settings like group chats, commenting on videos or pictures, checking up on people, or meeting complete strangers. Many are not thinking about what can happen online when someone randomly turns on an individual or starts harassing that person for no reason at all. Individuals who are victims to this on…

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  • Preventing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    responsible for keeping their employees safe from sexual harassment in the workplace. Therefore, human resource management is obligated to ensure each employee is trained and aware of the organization’s policies regarding sexual harassment. In order to understand how human resource management can help prevent sexual harassment in a work environment, it is important to know what is sexual harassment and how to protect our employees. First, we will take a look at the meaning of sexual harassment…

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  • Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

    Ray Bradbury’s story, “All Summer in a Day,” takes place on the planet Venus, where it rains heavily all the time. The protagonist, Margot, recently arrived to Venus from Earth. Margot remembers what all the other children living on Venus can’t, the sun. Because Margot is the only one who remembers the light and joy the sun brings, the children grow jealous of her. One lesson that this story suggests is that if you get caught up in your own jealousy, you can end up hurting others. In the…

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  • Gender Discrimination In Canada

    Even though I was not part of the police force I have witnessed many occasions of the gender discrimination in the police force. When I was involved in a car accident, there were both female and male officers present at the scene but the male officer did most of the investigation. The female officer seemed to not have any say in the investigation and seemed to be a bystander. This shows the inequality between male and female officers. Usually when there is a crime scene, male officers are the…

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  • Case Study Of Deborah Burke's Memorandum Of Law In Court Cases

    EEOC Determination, Dec. 11, 2015. Her husband has been unemployed for years and his disability benefits will expire soon. EEOC Determination. Burke consistently got favorable reviews during her decade of employment at Strickland. EEOC Determination. Gordon was hired at the beginning of Burke’s last year there. Pl.’s Compl. ¶ 6. A history of harassment began when Gordon gave her a coffee that had Burke’s name written with a heart and winking face and said Burke could pay her back with dinner.…

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