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  • The Pros And Cons Of Digital Ownership

    marketing strategies. Digital marketing is a superior medium to hard-copy marketing, and evidence can and will be provided through the music, video, and game markets, which this style of marketing concerns the most. The main reason people still keep movies instead of making their collection exclusively digital is that they already have their hard-copy collection. They have their DVD player, and copying the file from the CD to the computer contains several risks to the storage medium. Also, the mainstream medium for digital movies is streaming sites, where you pay a subscription to watch your movies whenever you want without actually owning any of them. If the subscription ends, you lose access to all of those movies, but you still have all of the movies you own. With that in mind, if you want to watch a movie, why not buy it? The simple answer is: streaming has less risk, and costs less. If you do not like a movie you do not have to refund it for less than you bought it. it is also cheaper, on average, to stream many movies than to buy an equal number, so even if you do not like a movie, you can rest easy that you did not pay everything for it, and you can still watch others that are hopefully better. So, if you want to own a movie, buy a hard copy, but if you want to watch a larger quantity of movies, stream them, right? Not necessarily. You can still buy digital files of movies online, and store them on a device or copy them onto your own disc. You can even put your movie…

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  • Hard Copy Book Value Chain

    possible to say that technology has made our lives easier. To illustrate, many people have changed the way to read book. Before, people who have a habit of reading book used to go to store to buy the hard copy book; however, today, it is more convenient to read eBook because it is faster to find out where to buy the book, they are cheaper and it is easy to carry with. In fact, when eBooks become popular, so to adapt to the change many publishers have produced eBooks in order to ass value chain…

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  • Cryptomnesia Case Study

    2007). The measures were taken from the 19 open-ended and fixed-response questions, and the two types of cheating (copy-paste and paper purchasing) were measured by the percent of students responding with a particular answer (Sisti, 2007). 10. The researcher found that “58% used the internet 2 to 4 hours, 82.5% used half of time for school work, and 98% used it for homework or research papers” (Sisti, 2007, pp. 221). The majority of students (54%) reported mentioning where they got their…

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  • Slaughterhouse Five By Pique Analysis

    error and what is not, considering the context. Bisaillon I found Bisaillon’s point about how your own personal taste on a manuscript should not mandate how you edit it very accurate. I think that will be one challenge of editing a creative text. Sometimes it can be hard to separate yourself from the manuscript and remember that you are not the one who wrote it. I am liking the author’s writing style as I make my way through the manuscript. I do not immediately see vast changes that need to…

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  • Process Essay: A Career As A Writer

    when writing a paper many things need to go into consideration from the time you get the assignment to printing or submitting the final perfected copy. The first step is the generating ideas and puzzling them together in your first draft. Then you move on to revise, adding information and re-revising the paper you have spent so much time on. Normally then you leave the paper for a couple days with no editing if the writer has not waited until the last second to write the paper. After a few days…

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  • An Essay About My Writing Process

    phone and food. Those two things will distract me more than anything else. I am not superstitious like other writers so I don’t always have to have the same things. For example I like to have a soda because it keeps me going longer but I don’t always have one or sometimes I bring a blanket but it’s not a necessity. As long as I am in comfy clothes and I am able to take a break, I am content to take nothing with me. My absolute hardest stage is invention especially during non-fiction writings. I…

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  • Teacher Liberation Handbook Analysis

    You, Joel Hammon, are writing a book which may or may not be called, "Teacher Liberation Handbook ." You are hiring a professional editor to edit your draft which costs fifty dollars per hour. You are also asking for feedback on your drafts and ideas. You want moral support and encouragement. And, you want interviews with teachers. This is your absolute first time writing a book. I have been writing fairly frequently since I was ten years of age. My first project was a spin-off of the Fairly…

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  • What Is The Implication Of Micromanaging

    decision making process (Gilbert, Carr-Ruffino, Ivancevich, & Konopaske, 2012, p. 39). As a result, the members of the producing team took turns crafting the notes, while Leigha was able to perform her other crew position. The second incident of issues with holism seemed to be an ongoing trend throughout the entire semester. Due to the massive amounts of communication going on back and forth, the Course Instructor and I implemented at the beginning of the semester that all emails going to the…

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  • Baxton Hall's Water Lab Report

    Buxton hall’s water had 42 ppm of CaCO3 present in all three trials conducted. The standard deviation from these tests was 0. Kroger water had a 46.2 ppm of CaCO3 in the first trial, 50 ppm in the second trial, and 43.2 ppm in the third trial. The standard deviation of the second water sample was 3.41. Crystal Geyser water had a 16.42 ppm of CaCO3 in the first trial, 21 ppm in the second trial, and 22 ppm in the third trial. The standard deviation of the third sample was 2.97. According to…

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  • Water Hardness Lab Report

    Water hardness is a way of defining the quality of water based upon the amount of Ca2+ and Mg2+ions that the sample contains.1 Water mostly becomes hard by flowing over weathering rocks which release these ions into the water. These released ions dissolve in water and then react with various elements, ions and compounds that come into contact with the water, which in some cases can become a nuisance. When trying to wash your hands or dishes, calcium reacts with soap to form soap scum. This…

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