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  • Chinese Censorship In China

    Main Issues Over the last several years, Google and China have been locked in a battle over censorship. In addition to filtering its citizen’s internet searches, the Chinese government routinely restricts access to, or outright blocks, several of Google’s products. Products such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Translate are the most affected. These actions by the Chinese government have a direct effect on Google’s market share in China and overall revenue. In early 2010,…

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  • Gender Roles In The Qing Dynasty

    Gender Prior to the establishment of the Republic of China, women had a significantly different role in society. During the Qing dynasty, there was a tremendous emphasize on society for individuals, both male and females to get married and produce sons. Women’s essential role in society was “childbearing and childrearing” and depending on their efforts, by raising a successful official can gain them merits and recognition. According to Paul Bailey, there are arguments that claim that…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between Hong Kong And Western Culture

    The Differences and Similarities Between Chinese Culture(HK) and Western Culture(UK) No one will argue about Hong Kong is a multiculturalism city. Hong Kong was once colonized by the United Kingdom for over a century. At present, Chinese Culture of Hong Kong was already deeply influenced by other western culture, especially from Britain. From Language, Cuisine, Pop Culture, Literature, Architecture to Wedding style. Culture is the soul of every country, unique and sublime. As Gencel (n.d.) once…

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  • Li Ning Running Case Study

    1. Executive Summary Despite Li Ning current tactics enhancing the structure and the profit of the group, the Chairman and CEO hope Lining can be the leading sports brand in China. This report will using the “Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) RABOSTIC Planning Model” devised by Pickton and Broderick (2005, p.1), which helps to planned, organized and managed marketing communications, the following report will guide the implementation of new methods of contacting target especially the…

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  • The Contributions Of Confucianism In The Han Dynasty

    tradition, and a way of life (Welming, 1). The Confucian ideology focused on piety, humaneness, ritual, and support for the hierarchy (Westergard, 2). Although there were writings of Confucianism as early as the 4 century, it rose to dominance in the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.E-220 C.E.). Reigning for more than 400 years with a brief interruption of the Xin dynasty (9-25 C.E.), it was undoubtedly one of the most successful dynasties in Ancient China. Throughout the dynasty, Confucianism was clearly…

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  • Wudang Character Analysis

    hold on and protect. Yu Shu Lien Yu Shu Lien is shocked by this act and does not realize at first why he would do such a thing as Wudang was his life. Wudang is one type of Kung Fu in China. His longing for a life with Yu Shu Lien is felt without being directly said. Yu Shu Lien goes to Beijing to visit Sir Te and bring him the Green Destiny. She explains the story to him on Master Li mu Bai wants to give up the green destiny the symbol of a great warrior and his traditions. The Green…

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  • Yan Fu Translation Studies: A Case Study In Chinese Translation Studies

    I. Introduction Yan Fu (1854-1921)is regarded as a great translator and an important translation theorist in China, for his translations and his proposition of Xin-Da-Ya. Since the formal publication of his Tiah Yan Lun in 1898, a "translation" (Dazhi or rendition) of Evolution and Ethics by Huxley, Yan Fu has undoubtedly served as a case study in Chinese Translation Studies. Gradually, Yan Fu Translation Studies becomes an indispensable part of Chinese Translation Studies. Provided a term Yan…

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  • Tibetan Language Case Study

    From the news article “Clampdown in Tibetan Schools”, it is obvious that there are fundamentally two institutional problems with the current education policy: firstly the incoherent bilingual education policy with Han-Chinese chauvinism and secondly the manipulation of education as a political tool for patriotic campaign. Nevertheless, it is obvious that education is not the only domain in which the mistreatment of Tibetan language is ubiquitous, as one can discern…

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  • Hot Air Balloon Essay

    BRADEY HEATHFIELD CLASS 11 PROJECT. JANUARY 2015 THE HISTORY OF HOT AIR BALLOONS Hot air balloons date back to Zhuge Liang of the Shu Han kingdom (220-280AD) in China. These were used for signaling in the military and are known as Kongming lanterns. Albert’s Magnus who was a German philosopher also contributed with his theory of relative weights. In the 1500s Giovanni de Fontana made a object from cloth and rings of wood. His theory was if a burning brand that made lots of smoke was placed…

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  • Korean Wave And Pop Culture

    The Korean Wave refers to the cultural phenomenon in which people in the world are willing to adopt and consume Korean popular culture (Jung, 2006). The Korean Wave is the term coined by the Chinese media for the first time to describe the sudden surge in the popularity of Korean culture in China in 2002 (Hogarth, 2013). The Korean Wave usually includes Korean music, dramas, films and games and is a hot cultural change and trend especially in Asian nations today. Korean television drama has been…

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